What the Heart Wants: (Soulmate #1)


By Kelli McCracken

Publisher : Twin Flames Press

What the Heart Wants: (Soulmate #1)

ABOUT Kelli McCracken

Kelli McCracken
Kelli McCracken spends most of her days in front of her computer, crafting her next novel. She loves to read and occasionally curls up with a good book. When she's not chauffeuring kids, cleaning house, or hog-tying unruly characters, she enjoys taking hikes, drinking coffee, or listening  More...


Are there soul connections that go deeper than love? 
Dylan McBride is tired of his rock star lifestyle. Between the nosy press and crazed fans, all he wants is to be left alone...and find the angel who's been plaguing his dreams. 
When he meets Heaven Lewis, she turns his world upside down. Not only is she the girl from his dreams, he notices he can sense her emotions.
Being involved with a celebrity is the last thing Heaven wanted. Yet resisting Dylan doesn't come easy. Something about him pulls at her heart—and her soul.

Will Dylan's celebrity status be too much for Heaven, or can he convince her to surrender to What the Heart Wants?


"Prophetic dreams, psychic connections, and a bond that defies space and time...What the Heart Wants is a refreshing twist to the paranormal genre."
5/5 Stars, Reviewer
"Simply captivating. I dare you not to swoon."


-Amber Scott, 
Bestselling Author of Irish Moon
"Mystifying and intriguing. What the Heart Wants will steal your breath away."
-Your Need to Read
5/5 Stars, Reviewer
"From life's first breath, they were bound by destiny. Can their love survive those that would tear them apart? What the Heart Wants is beautifully written. I felt the angst and love of both characters. Dylan and Heaven really touched a place in my heart.
-Elena Gray, 
Author, Night Visions
"A mesmerizing story that hooks you in right from the beginning and will keep you intrigued until the very end."
-J.B. Reed,
Author, Deadly Shamrocks