Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide

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By Andrew R Welsh

Publisher : FeedARead.com

ABOUT Andrew R Welsh

Andrew R Welsh
Author, Science teacher and educational consultant.



Just about everything you need to work through if you're considering applying for an overseas post. This is not just about the dream, but also what can go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls. It should enable someone to decide whether the overseas life is for them. The second part of the book contains a description of the first two years of my overseas experience in the Philippines and Malaysia. It has to be an essential for anyone thinking about or currently teaching overseas. Written by a teacher and educational consultant with 18 years experience overseas in Europe, Africa and across Asia, there's not much that isn't covered. This book could save you heartache and money.

I felt the need to pass on information about how to go about securing a teaching post overseas and describe some of the adventures I had in my first two years overseas. Much has happened since I started overseas in 1996 and more hoops have been added to the process since 2001.