Don't Cry

Don't Cry


Walid H.B
I've started writing professionally a two years ago, I wrote the first version of these book five years ago; all my life I have been working in the music industry, first as a Dj and few years later as a producer and song writer. I lived and studied in Switzerland and UK.



Don't Cry is a character-driven story is set in New York. It's a story about people who live by intuition, skill, and inside knowledge. Like in real life, the characters bring different situations and emotions, and they are all indispensable to the story and especially to the lead character. Their life experiences make them who they are and justified their actions.
As the story begins, Chris Franklyn was attending the senior prom with his friends at Waldorf Astoria. After the ride on the lime and abused liquor, they are finally at the party, Chris didn’t have a date, he was with his group, Brad, Emma and the girl of his dreams Meghan, they were deeply in love with one other, but a fear was holding them down, Chris was planning to make a move on her at the prom, Meghan was already drunk and behaving strangely, she was afraid and kept pushing Chris away. Josh, Chris’s closest friend arrived at the prom with his mysterious friend named Mary, her beauty was breathtaking, Chris falls under her spell, and he was ready to do anything to have her. After the prom Chris and his group went to his parent’s house at the Hampton, he insisted to have Mary with him; Meghan was already a thing of the past. The night was long and the attraction uncontrollable, after few drinks the mood was heating up and everything looked easy, at the end of the magical night, Chris didn’t realize that he made an irreversible mistake; it will change drastically the direction of his existence.
Weeks have passed by and Chris was enjoying the company of Mary and the long days of summer, one after noon she came with the news that will crush his hopes and dreams, she was pregnant and want it to keep it. The same day he announces the news to his parents, They gave Chris a choice, rather he chooses them or her, blinded by love and guilt, he stood up for his acts and chooses Mary. The nightmare begins right after his decision; nothing prepared him for the events that will turn him into a different man, it took him a second to lose everything he has and the people he loved.
Ten years later, Chris is twenty-eight years old and a father of three beautiful kids; he lives in Brooklyn and works twelve hours a day as a taxi driver, after the birth of his first child, he discovers another side of Mary. All his all friends are living successful lives and Josh is engaged to his lost love Meghan. Chris only friend and confident is Sami, a French guy from Marseille, who lives in the same building. On Chrisms 2008 he offers Chris a gift that will change his life and everyone he knew, he disclosed the terrible lie he was living and decided to regain his past life, and everyone involved in the lie will pay for every pain he felt. They will never see their end coming.