Come Fly With Me

General Fiction, Romance

By Sandi Perry

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT Sandi Perry

Sandi Perry
I'm an avid reader and started writing novels several years ago. I like giving voice to strong, interesting characters and telling their story in a fun way.



Allison Ross is a twenty nine year old gallery owner in New York, When her father dies in a suspicious car accident she is forced to step in as acting CEO of his luxury jet company. It is up to her to find a suitable candidate for the position and Alex Coventry, a brilliant southerner, whose charm belies his true ambitions would love to show Allison exactly which position he prefers.  These two search for her father's murderer as they jockey for power and try their best not to fall in love. 

Allison's personality is as steely as her eyes. But hints of vulnerability, such as a traumatic childhood experience, and a fear of flying despite for the fact that she's an heir to a successful airline company, have you rooting for her. I found myself devouring this book to see if she'd let Alex, or any other man for that matter, inside her world.

I liked the fact that Allison isn't predictable; neither is the truth behind her father's death. And, as an art enthusiast, I also enjoyed the sub-plot about Allison's art gallery and her hidden talent.