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If you are a writer, this book may change your life.

They say everyone has a book in them, but writing any long piece is a complicated process, from the original idea, marshalling of sources, research, filing of texts, creation of structure, rough drafting, editing and production of final document.

From outlining ideas through to output of a formatted hard copy for an agent or publisher; from organisation of research through to the automatic generation of a Kindle ready copy, Scrivener for Writers helps you maket he best of this superb and economic piece of software.

Scrivener is used by all sorts of professional and amateur writers, from best-selling and aspiring novelists to Hollywood scriptwriters, from students and academics to lawyers and journalists: anyone who works on long and difficult writing projects. While many other writing project management tools impose their own workflows or limit themselves to fiction-writing, Scrivener recognises that all writers of long-form texts often face similar problems, and provides an array of flexible tools that allow you to do things your way, no matter what kind of writing you do.

Those currently using Scrivener include Novelists, Short-Story Writers, Screenwriters, Playwrights, Comedians, Lawyers, Journalists, Lecturers, Academics and Students, Biographers and Memoirists, Business and Technical Writers, Comics and Graphic Novel Writers, Translators

Over 300 pages of content and illustrations include How to Write a Book; Getting Started; Get to grips with Projects; Getting Set Up; Finding Your Way around; Planning your Project; Writing and Editing; Managing Your Writing; Backup and Saving; Output and Printing

This is the Apple Mac OS X edition.
Scrivener is available from on a generous 30 day trial.