Gracie Comes Home

Children's Books

By Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Publisher : Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc.

ABOUT Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Diane Dike, Ph.D.
Meet Diane Dike, Ph.D. and her one of a kind Service Dog, Gracie & you will hear God speak directly to you, transforming your walk of faith forever. You will hear a message that will challenge you to overcome every challenge and learn how to stay strong and courageous no matter what!  More...



Book One of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane series introduces Grace, where she came from, and how she ended up homeless needing surgery in a hospital in Colorado. It also introduces her loving owner, Diane Dike, who suffers from, cryoglobulinemia, a rare blood disease that affects every aspect of her life. A deep and affectionate bond of friendship is formed in this triumphant story where a broken dog and a struggling woman help each other.
Everyone needs to know they have a place to call home, where they are accepted and loved. Diane accepts Gracie in her home and in her heart just the way she is. They show what a difference one life can make when we take time to care.
Diane, ... I’m honored to offer this endorsement. You’ll find Diane’s words to match her life- energetic, hopeful and crammed with vibrancy. She is one of my favorite people—I’m thinking her readers will say the same. -Max Lucado


Foreword_small.jpgInfectious smile…eternal optimism…contagious joy…these are just some of the descriptions that come to mind when I think about my friend Diane. -Michael W. Smith


scan0026_small.jpgDear Diane, I hope you are doing well and your spirits are high. I still remember your lively personality and smile as we would pass in the hallways of all those arenas! You have aremarkable story to tell and one that I know will bring hope to many. May God truly bless you and Paul and may He continue to increase peace and joy in you both. Peace, David Carr and the rest of  Third Day


Inspiration is what drives life and life experience drives who we are. Diane Dike is an inspiration to all of us. She faced incredible adversity and with an amazing heart she didn't complain she just loved! She loved a little dog named "Gracie" and together they rescued each other and together they have changed 1000's of peoples lives. They have shown God is real, that Love still exists and we are in this world together. My life changed when I met Diane and I am so much better for knowing her! I was blessed by meeting the legend which has become "Diane & Gracie! -Peter Strople Zero2 

It is immediately apparent when you meet Diane that not only does she have an amazing heart and spunky personality, but that there is an extraordinary relationship between her and the Father.  I have yet to meet another believer like her.  She is more than an inspiration as a believer.-Jason Alligood theRide

IMG_3645_small.jpgI have not known anyone in my life who shows as much joy and encouragement as Diane.  Watching her from afar you might think she's a bit crazy, but knowing her and hearing her speak you know she's filled with genuine love...and its contagious!  God uses her humble spirit daily to inspire people and I'm certain He will do the same for all her readers.  Thank you, Diane (and Gracie), and know that we love you! -Stephen Couch and theRide


So humbled and blessed to know that the song would have made such an impact and difference in your life...God is so awesome~! He certainly knows how to uplift our spirits and, lift us out of our darkest hour... I believe God will use your book to minister to many!! Blessings! -Jean-Luc Lajoie-The Kry  -Eph 3:20-21


With Diane's bubbly, overcoming and victorious spirit in spite of overwhelming physical afflictions, her testimony and her books appeal not only to children but also to the child within all of us as they inspire courage, hope and endearing love.-Millie Farthing-Founder and Director, Celebration of Grace-A Retreat Ministry for Women



Girl! I was able to get on your website this morning. I am so proud of you! I love how you put yourself out there not holding back and let God do what He wants to with you. Look at all of the amazing places you have been and where you are going! 
I can never begin to imagine what a daily struggle it is for you to get out of bed and continue on with the day. ...Because of the Lord in you, you have allowed this disease to become a strength. I love you! We love you! Give our love to Paul and Gracie as well.--Kirsten and John David Webster   

scan0011_small.jpgI applaud Diane’s courage and dignity in the way that she lives her life.  She is an inspiration to all who know her. Her dedication to the Lord and her desire to spread His word is a lesson to all of us.-Denise Jones, Point of Grace


Angel Dear, God uses all things for His glory -- a beautiful woman with a rare disease and a tiny, orphaned dog waiting for her ordained owner. The two of you, an unlikely pair, an unlikely story -- a Divine appointment. Since the day that I met you, I knew that you were an angel put on earth by the very hand of God. I know that I am right. The evidence is overwhelming. I love you, -Laura Lyn, Mother of five and wife of Don Donahue Rocketown Records Label President


I've never met a woman more filled with the Spirit than Diane Dike. She oozes enthusiasm, humor, and inspiration.  Join her on her own journey to inspire a nation lacking in hope! ...MOJO Gratefully-Rob Lohman, Director of Colorado, LifeLight Ministries


The way the Lord is using you and Gracie to spread the love of Christ had a terrific impact on the men here at Polk Correctional. I only wish the whole camp could have participated. We were the beneficiaries of the Holy Spirit moving in these men’s lives. It is something none of us will soon forget. We wholeheartedly thank you for your selfless service to the kingdom.-Duncan Stanton, FBD Chaplain Polk Correctional Institute-Prison


This wonderful book will bless your heart in so many ways. You will be inspired from their enthusiasm for life and abounding love for others as God pours His love through them to all they meet along their way.

You will see that in spite of broken bodies there can be healing hearts…and that in the midst of painful chronic illness there can still be joyful pervasive wellness. I have witnessed the restoration and healing from The Great Physician on Diane’s life physically and spiritually, even when it could not be explained medically.-Ron Loeppke MD Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Vice President Matria Healthcare, Inc.


I have cried and laughed and grieved all afternoon. This is a wonderful book!!! All the emotions I've felt are a good thing! The tail end of the book, with your personal encouragements, etc, is a perfect way to end the book. While reading it, I got the feeling that many readers will soak up all you wrote and it will be a lifeline to deliverance in their own lives. You wrote with such enthusiasm, I could hear your voice, and I think it was good to share your true voice. Overwhelmingly, I feel this book is going to CHANGE LIVES, redirect those who've lost their way, and ultimately lead them to Heaven. This is a wonderful book!!! I'm so proud to know you, and to help even a little in the ministry the Lord has you, Paul, and Gracie in. Way to go!! Blessings, and much love.-Debbie Brockett, Author, World Class Editor and Friend