God Made Only One of Me

Biographies & Memoirs

By Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Publisher : Second Chance with Saving Grace, Inc.

ABOUT Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Diane Dike, Ph.D.
Meet Diane Dike, Ph.D. and her one of a kind Service Dog, Gracie & you will hear God speak directly to you, transforming your walk of faith forever. You will hear a message that will challenge you to overcome every challenge and learn how to stay strong and courageous no matter what!  More...



Are you ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped for victory in your life?

This book will encouraged you to overcome your challenges with a hope and

faith that will lead to peace. Get ready because you will not be able to put this

page turner down. Whatever pain has settled into your life, there is hope and

healing for you! In this truly amazing autobiography, Diane Dike, tells a courageous

story that will break and warm the hearts of readers while inspiring them

to overcome even the most daunting of challenges. With dignity, sensitivity, and

honesty, she shares the truth of a journey that took her far away from the things

of God, and explains how she made her way back to His loving arms with a smile a Service Dog and a second chance.

This summer on vacation we visited Calvary Chapel in Vail.  My sons picked up a CD and I picked up your book to read, not knowing what a treasure it was!  It blessed the socks off of me and I used it on my nights of devotions with my family.  I am desperate to order two of your books, one for my sister in law who has scleraderma and will be so encouraged and inspired by your story I think, and the other for my other sister in law who does not know the Lord and is, in fact, quite opposed to Christianity, however, her life is her dogs, and I'm excited that the Lord could use your book and Gracie's story to touch her for the Lord.  All this to say that I was on your website trying to order the books and I could get every other item to the shopping cart except the book.  Help!  I'll keep trying but wondered if I could get help with this.  Thank you for sharing your story and showing God's strength in your weakness!
Connie B.

And what a blessing to have met you, Paul and Gracie! Last night when we crawled into bed, I couldnt put your book down. I was amazed Diane, at how many things we have in common. I was raised in Rhode Island, also a lifetime competitive swimmer, raised Catholic and could so relate to many of your life experiences. I felt I knew you instantly when we met you! You are a great inspiration.

Blessings and love,

Maureen K. Denver, CO

I am halfway through your book -- I am blown away by the details of the struggles you have faced all through your life and how honest you are about sharing even the darkest of details.  And here I thought your challenges just came about from your disease!  That amazing smile of yours sure is misleading Smiley emoticon  You are indeed strong & courageous.
Christy L. Vail, CO
P.S.  I love all the quotes - biblical or otherwise sprinkled throughout your book.  Do you just have all those stored in your steaming brain - or do you use a specific resource -- other than the bible, of course!