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ABOUT Nicole Quarles-Thomas

Nicole Quarles-Thomas
Nicole M. Quarles-Thomas was born in Atlanta, GA. She received her Bachelors from Elon University in 2009 and went on to graduate school to pursue a MBA in Project Management. Not only is she a recent graduate; she has first-hand experience adjusting to the real-world. By using her skills  More...


Do you really know what you want to be when you grow up? Have an idea, but don’t know the first step? Need guidance or a test-free way to find the true you? Don’t wait another second! Learn how to use the resources already out there for you! • Turn your interests into a career just for you • Learn exactly what you need to do and create a plan • Become prepared for the real world! 

This book is designed to cater to young students and help them align their education and future with their true interests. The purpose of this book is to break the generational trend of most students either not seeking the right form of post-secondary education or waiting until after college to figure life out.

Written by a recent graduate and experienced job-seeker, this book provides first- hand advice to students looking to become successful in the real-world.

In 2012, nearly 70% of graduates reported that they did not receive effective career planning in high school. In addition, over 30% of students said that they did not start planning for a career till their junior or senior year in college. This is not ok!