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Paidra Delayno lives four miles from nowhere in beautiful western Oregon on two acres of peace and tranquility. She has two print books with Booklocker.com and one e-book with Bookhabit.com. If you wish to know more about her, please visit her blog at

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Truth is based on understanding. Understanding is based on perception of events.The story we will be telling is the truth. The reader's perception of the events stated perhaps will require an expansion of one's horizons, literally. In order for an opinion to be reached, the facts must be scrutinized. If the facts are distorted, so will the opinion

Unlike stories told by fiction writers, we have stayed the course of truth.
Think about being outside on a crystal clear night and gazing into the heavens. One can only do this out in less populated areas because the lights of cities interfere with the sumptuous light show that cannot be duplicated by man, no matter what species.

As a person sits drinking in the night sky, could the possibility cross one's mind just perhaps there are other people living where the line of vision ends? I understand this concept is not one encouraged by either the Earth's scientist or it's religious leaders. Would it be possible for one to alter their thinking a bit and allow for just a few minutes the possibility of life existing beyond Earth's stratosphere?

I would guess one would need to have some sort of foundation blocks laid in order to build a theory that will eventually become fact in the recesses of the mind. One of the blocks required has to be trust. "Trust in what?" is the first question that comes to the mind of most people. My answer is, trust in me. Me, as a storyteller. One who strives
for accuracy.

The entire universe is broken up into only three things; the same three which exist in any galaxy, no matter who, or what the species. These three things are Time, Space, and Matter. Time is broken down into past, present, and future. Space is length, width, and height. Matter is energy, motion, and phenomena. Together, as you read this account,
you will travel through time and space, constantly in motion.

As a matter of introduction, I am a woman named Shahailian. I come from the planet Chimanay. On a very clear night, one can see Chimanay from the southern hemisphere of Earth. More about me will develop in the events about to be told. The real focal point of this series of recollections is a man named Guarday Zografos, known to his friends
simply as Zog.

The commander of a star ship named Tartainia, a hunter/killer vessel,
Zog formerly was in the employ of the Allied Galaxy Alliance. To refer to the Tartainia simply as a star ship encompasses a vast array of ships.
Mentioning a star ship is like referring to one of Earth's automobiles without mentioning the brand or style. If I said I drove a 1940 would the reader know what I was referring to?

At first Zog was not interested in relating these events to anybody. It took some doing (women all over the universe know what I am referring to) for me to impress upon him the advantages of doing so. The things written here are parts of the everyday life of someone in Zog's occupation and therefore not of any particular significance to him.

It is my hope the reader of this document will feel otherwise. The story will be told by him, by me, the computer journal and the recollections of his crew along with a few close friends. I trust it will be profitable to read. At least keep an open mind to its possibilities.