Normalizing Evil

Religion & Spirituality

By Karen Connell

Publisher : Karen E. Connell

ABOUT Karen Connell

Karen Connell
I have been married to my awsome husband Garry since 1968 and we have  three children and seven grand children. I Began my teaching ministry in 1985 and currently serve the Lord through the publishing of my teaching CD's and manuals, Christian books and my music CD's. I also minister More...



Many professing Christians are embracing teachings and teachers that misuse the Bible and who teach from Scriptures that are taken out of their context or are being twisted to support what is not sound Biblical doctrine. Far too many Christians are not weighing what they are being taught in light of God's Word, thus they are not aware that they have been infected with numerous deadly deceptions that have subtly invaded the body of Christ during the past few decades!  This book closely examines from a purely Biblical perspective some of these popular "doctrines of demons" that the Bible clearly warns would become an epidemic in the these end times. This study exposes how Satan's seducing spirits are causing God's people to fall prey to his deceits and strategies, so that his evil ways are being considered normal to the undiscerning Christian.