Rooted in the Soul - The Taffe Name

General Fiction, Romance, Family & Relationships

By Millicent Taffe

Publisher : Uber Chic Publishing

ABOUT Millicent Taffe

Millicent Taffe
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Millicent Taffe Proves the Key to Love is Truly Rooted in the Soul.

Taffe's latest epic romantic saga pivots readers through an emotional journey of both weakness and strength.

Set among the exotic beauty of Jamaica, the book spans many generations in non-chronological events - offering the reader a unique and compelling journey through fictional history.

The book follows the life of Monique, a local girl who has become disillusioned in love. Choosing to explore her parent's tales in the hope of understanding her woes, Monique embarks on a journey of personal discovery by writing a novel.

During the process, Monique becomes entangled with Jovan Pierlesse, meeting an elderly woman called Kath - a figure who ends up becoming pivotal in her decision to trust in love. When Kath suddenly dies, Monique is left with the realization of an awful truth...

Anyone wanting to know more will have to read the book. However, as Taffe explains, it's a journey that many women will directly relate to:

"The book really captures both the vulnerability and the strength of the female soul. Virtually every woman who reads Rooted in the Soul will be able to draw parts of Monique into their own being" she says.

This is a must read.

My family was the inspiration, as they told me their tales which were so interesting that as I wrote down those tales they hatched themselves into this book - so I just went with it. The Taffe family is “real” and their tales true. However, this book has been partly fictionalised for your enjoyment. In some cases names, characters, places and incidents have been changed. Rooted in the Soul main characters website: For more information about the author you will find her on Facebook or check out her website: