Goal Setting Success for Real People: Practical Steps to Really Live the Life of Your Dreams

ABOUT Jill Katt

Jill Katt
Jill Katt is the pseudonym of a well-known personal development and business writer. Jill’s alter ego loves to write in all genres, but likes to keep her self-growth and more serious business writing separate from her other work to avoid confusing her readers.



Have you ever noticed that a lot of goal-setting books seem to be written for robots, or Type A personalities, or executives, or sales reps, or someone else who’s…well…not you?


It’s not that authors are trying to ignore real people who want to succeed. They don’t even realize they’re doing it. They just assume that what they have to say will “resonate” with everyone.


But what a lot of people want is a simple goal setting program they can follow for, say, a year, and create the life they want by learning how to set goals and then following through on those goals. And did I mention they want simple?


That’s what Goal Setting Success for Real People offers. It’s a month-by-month program with worksheets and an action log, so you really work a program. You don’t just read about setting goals. You’re welcome to move more quickly or more slowly through the program, but it’s laid out in one-month modules so you know exactly what to work on at any given time.


With Goal Setting Success for Real People, you’ll learn how to achieve goals, and you’ll also work on specific goals in every area of your life, including health, relationships, fitness and fun, as well as career. It’s not all about the business goals; it’s a life goals program.