Belly of Fire

General Fiction, Poetry

By Shafinaaz Hassim

Publisher : Wordfire Press, SA

ABOUT Shafinaaz Hassim

Shafinaaz Hassim
Shafinaaz Hassim is a South African author, poet and sociologist. Her works include “Daughters are Diamonds: Honour, Shame & Seclusion- A South African Perspective” (2007) and “Memoirs For Kimya” (2009). Shafinaaz completed a Master of Arts in Social Science at the University  More...



Belly of Fire is a metaphor for the anxiety and fear that we hold
within ourselves; the voices of those who are disempowered by
racism, poverty, war and gendered abuse, voices that remain
silenced, are housed as fire in our bellies.
We reach into the fire in our bellies, the anxieties in order to traverse
life as we know it. Themes of abuse, xenophobia, female genital
mutilation, forgiveness and reawakening are unpacked here in a
collection of seven reflective, compelling stories intertwined with
no fewer than twelve contemporary poems that bring out the
essence of the themes developed in the narratives