Fresh Start Summer

Humor, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Beverly Nault

Publisher : Lamp Post

Fresh Start Summer

ABOUT Beverly Nault

Beverly Nault
I co-wrote Mary McDonough's autobio Lessons from the Mntn. I also write about Cherryvale, a little town in my head you'll want to visit. The town, not my head.



Follow the fun when peaceful Cherryvale meets Hollywood, and Grace, the bike-riding, muffin-baking town organizer, has to choose between her quiet retirement and rescuing a friendship in danger.
With a touch of humor, a smattering of faith and a glimpse at movie-making glamour, Fresh Start Summer introduces you to the folks living on The CherryPath, a unique artery that stitches lives together as one in heart and mind. You'll adore Cherryvale, where neighbors care, gardeners share and God allows do-overs.