Young Adult, General Fiction

By Callie Kingston

Publisher : Carolwood Press


ABOUT Callie Kingston

Callie Kingston
My home is in the Pacific Northwest, where I live with many furry creatures (including my husband). I hold a masters degree in psychology and have worked in schools for many years. When not writing, I like to explore the outdoors, especially the forests and beaches along the Oregon coast.  More...



Marissa is nearly eighteen and can't wait to leave behind her traumatic past. With long time boyfriend Drake, she thinks she has her future all figured out--until she discovers his betrayal. She flees to a desolate beach on the wild Oregon coast hoping to escape her pain, where, overcome with emotional and physical exhaustion, she dozes off beside a log. When the first icy waves strike her, it is too late: a rogue wave drags her out to sea. Somehow she survives, and now each night she dreams of a creature who rescues her. Determined to discover the truth, her obsession deepens until she once again risks her life in the frigid ocean. Will the creature Marissa seeks save her? Will she be lost forever in the eddies of her mind, or will Jim, her new boyfriend, keep her from drowning in the abyss?
     Undertow is a contemporary novel in which a young woman finds a terrible choice thrust upon her: overcome the pain in her past and the dangers which lurk in her mind, or succumb to these and be lost forever inside a beautiful dream.
"Boy, was I unexpectedly surprised - and excitedly so! This story has so many layers that go way beyond the surface . . . the pacing was phenomenal . . ."
-- SaraSo Simple Sara book reviews

"Well written, well-paced and a storyline that draws you in. Excellent book for any young adult. The author takes a well-known tale and puts an absolutely new and modern twist on it."
-- Amazon.co.uk reviewer
"The book has enough well-paced sub-plots and mystic elements to keep the reader turning the pages in eager anticipation of the next chapter. The characters are realistic and believable, with their histories revealed gradually as the story unfolds."
-- Linda H., Amazon Reviewer

"The love story and family conflicts also felt very realistic and not at all contrived. . . The love story was sweet . . .Very very good story and definitely worth the read, I have high expectations for this new author!"
-- Alisha, Goodreads reviewer