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ABOUT Court Nederveld

Court Nederveld
1953 - 2057 born in Grand Rapids, MI. Grew up in Lancaster Co., PA. He has been a columnist for the Charlotte Sun Newspaper since 2004, writing on a variety of topics. Gordon Bower, his editor for eight years had this to say, "Mustangs, computer, food or a letter to the Queen of th More...



Grumbles from the Keyboard is a collection of newspaper columns written over a period of six years. Published as Bits and Bytes, under the Court Nederveld byline, the column appears each Wednesday in the Charlotte Sun, Charlotte County Florida. The column is written for the average home computer user, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and those folks that do not consider themselves techno geeks. Additional weekly columns can be found on my blog.
Chris Porter, Executive Editor, Charlotte Sun Newspapers said this about Grumbles From The Keyboard, "I can't count the number of people I've heard from who have been helped by Court Nederveld's helpful, useful and well-written columns in the Sun. We've received countless thank-you notes over the years, and that accounts for only a fraction of the number of people who have benefited from reading it. We really get the calls when we move his column and people can't find it."
Gordon Bower, Former Editor Punta Gorda Herald had these thoughts. "Talking Court into writing a computer column for the Punta Gorda Herald was the easy part; more difficult was remembering all those nuggets of wisdom and humor over the years. Not to worry. He's packaged them into an affordable book that's a reference for the computer challenged and a good read for all."

The weekly Bits and Bytes column was constrained to seven hundred words while running in the weekly inserts and trimmed to five hundred words when the column moved to the front section of the paper. As each column was reviewed and vetted for inclusion in Grumbles From The Keyboard, I took the liberty of adding to a column if the information seemed relevant and updated where necessary.

Grumbles From The Keyboard is grouped by topic so columnsĀ  relating to a specific question will be easy to find. It makes an efficient desk side reference and it is fun to read. Already reports are coming in that folks are moving Grumbles From The Keyboard to thier place of Honor in the Throne Room.


Grumbles From The Keyboard was launched because of Martha. The book is based on six years of columns written for the Charlotte Sun Newspapers. Throughout the columns Martha would make comments, observations or puzzling questions that reflected the average computer user. Over and over as I would meet folks they would invariably ask if Martha was my wife, or they would sign emails with "another Martha." One client even asked, "How old is Martha and could he date her?" Finally, after numerous requests to publish a book of columns Martha convinced me to do so and the result was Grumbles From The Keyboard.


"Grumbles From The Keyboard Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Computer" is a book compiled of a variety of former "Bits and Bytes" columns written by Sun columnist Courtland Nederveld, combined with a few new pieces. The content is written mostly for the computer illiterate, but even the more advanced user will find a few new things of interest in the book.
"This is nothing more than a tool,' Nederveld says of the computer in the beginning of the book. His theory is that a computer does not need to be learned,' as a user will operate it easily once he finds a use that interests him. Many of the columns focus on bringing such uses to the reader's attention, profiling a variety of noteworthy websites and programs.
The chapters are short, consisting of one column each. All columns have been updated if necessary, and many have been extended. Each chapter also features a technical definition along with a few humorous correct and incorrect examples of how to use the word in a sentence.
Nederveld's columns are a popular part of the newspaper for a reason, and the book reflects this with content that is informative, funny and generally basic enough for the novice user to understand.
The chapters in the book are grouped by topic rather than chronologically. Because of this some of the chapters can be slightly repetitive with similar themes and examples. For some this might be irritating, for others it will simply serve to drive home important points.
The order of the topics is a little awkward. Recycling old computers is in the beginning of the book while chapters on computer basics and important concepts seem to be scattered at intervals throughout the book.
For this reason "Grumbles From The Keyboard is better utilized as a user's guide -- the manual that nothing comes with anymore, as Nederveld points out-- rather than read all at once. The book is full of step-bystep, how-to guides on both basic and more advanced processes and problems users might face, though there are also a number of humorous columns peppered throughout to lighten the mood and give the reader a reprieve from all the technical jargon.
Apple users will not find the book quite as useful, as the how-to sections all focus on Windows. However a number of the chapters focus on subjects that would be relevant to all computer users, such as free programs users can download and websites where users can find free products or services. The book also addresses issues and annoyances like scams, spam and common computer errors and email difficulties.
Overall, those who find themselves constantly grumbling over their computer will find "Grumbles From The Keyboard' a useful read. Most will likely find themselves laughing and nodding their head as they recognize some of their own questions or faux pas in Nederveld's words.

Rodger Dodger says, After reading Mr. Nedervelds column for years and learning something from each of them, I decided to purchase his book. I was not disappointed. He has a way of describing computer problems and "fixes" that even I can understand. He also lets you know when things are changing and which things you can click on with out fear! It has helped me get out of a few situations that I would have been terrified to try before without the book... This book is perfect for the person who can get online, but not navigate easily when there! With this book in hand I am fearless on the computer!! It is a must have!!