Indistinguishable From God

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By G Dedrick Robinson

Publisher : Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

ABOUT G Dedrick Robinson

G Dedrick Robinson
Like James Cagney, I'm a real Yankee Doodle Dandy, born in Kingsport, Tennessee on the Fourth of July. Every year since, I've enjoyed the fireworks displays all over the United States that take place on my birthday. As the picture shows, my major pursuit in life More...



Studying samples from a 65-million-year-old clay layer deposited during the extinction that killed the dinosaurs, geologist Gregory Neale discovers an unremarkable appearing crystal. Assigned to identify it, his graduate student Christine Shelburne, hungering for more than a professional relationship with Greg, discovers that, although not radioactive, the object somehow generates heat, apparently limitless and endless heat, source unknown and completely mysterious. Greg and Christine subject the object to increasingly sophisticated tests, but succeed in only lengthening its list of properties impossible under known laws of physics.

Refusing to accept his colleagues' verdict that the object is of extraterrestrial manufacture, Greg insists on enlisting the help of a state-of-the-art National Laboratory. This work accidently triggers an even more baffling property of the crystal, an ability to shift time. Finally convinced, Greg prepares to announce the discovery to the world, but his delay forces him to battle a charismatic televangelist convinced Satan created the crystal to destroy religious faith and MADCAT, a shadowy government agency determined to control the crystal’s unfathomable power.

One of my favorite quotations is from Buckminster Fuller: "Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either way, the thought is staggering." It's a thought I fully agree with. I am of the opinion that most novels dealing with the existence of ETI treat the possibility in far too casually a manner. That's why I wrote Indistinguishable from God. I wanted to show one possible scenario of how the discovery of a genuine alien artifact could impact the major institutions of society. I think such a discovery might be the most profound event in all of human history. Have you ever wondered why, with all the claims of UFOs and contact with ETs, no one has ever submitted a real alien artifact? No, not a single one, not even the tiniest sliver. Wait, what's that I hear some of you saying? Such artifacts exist, only scientists refuse to recognize them, or the government hides them. I am aware of several objects people have claimed to be alien artifacts that were submitted for scientific tests. Always, every single one of them, without exception, turned out to be completely mundane objects of ordinary earthly materials. Why hasn't there been something far beyond our ability to explain, or even some exotic alloy, unknown on earth? Surely beings capable of traveling between star systems must have such materials. As a scientist, I say show me something like that, something we couldn't easily manufacture on earth, and I'll take your UFO claim seriously. As Carl Sagan was fond of saying, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." I also wrote this book to show how real science gets done. What sort of tests would be used? What sort of proof would be required? Real scientists are skeptics. They are not in the business of proving theories true. There real work is trying find the flaws in a theory, to disprove theories. That is exactly how the main character in this book proceeds. Does this mean the book has to be slow moving? Not at all. Read the comments from other science fiction authors, some of them also scientists. Give the book a chance and I think you'll find it to be well worth the price and your time.

... a fast-paced scientific thriller that explores how a world-shattering discovery would challenge not just existing beliefs, but also the power structures of our society.”—James T. Downey, author of Communion of Dreams enticing beginning which instantly drew me in. There is drama, action, romance, and adventure, making this a very enjoyable story.”—James Jackson, author of First Contact.

“...a fascinating first-rate novel about how science really works, with believable and very human characters. Highly recommend it to everyone, even those who normally would not purchase novels in the science fiction genre will find this book a good read and worthy of their time.”—Joseph Vadalma, author of The Artifact, A Novel of Alien Contact

...a fast paced, one of a kind Sci-Fi suspense thriller.  The tension builds from page one, and never lets up as evidence mounts that an object discovered in rock could be the most important discovery of all time.  A must read.”—Karl Bozicevic, author of Cardinal Hoax

...a thrill ride with more twists and turns than a Möbius strip with a surprise ending.”—Ronald W Hull, author of The Kaleidoscope Effect and Alone? captivating you don´t want to put the book down for a second. Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Professor of Astrobiology and author of Voids of Eternity: Alien Encounter
“ entertaining stew of a thriller that, once you start, you pretty much have to finish.Al Past, author of the Distant Cousin series