Janet's silent prayers

Biographies & Memoirs, Christian Books

By Janet Bond

Publisher : Brain Bruicker

Janet's silent prayers

ABOUT Janet Bond

Janet Bond
I am 50 years of age. I am a Africa America female who likes to write, take walks and watch TV. I love going to chruch serving God because thats who get me through the day. I have two sons and four grandkids. I love helping people when ever I can. I love to travel, one day that is my d More...



I am 51 years of age now. I have two sons and four grandkids who I love very much. I like helping other people if I can. I am a christan that love serving the Lord.. I like to travel around the world one day and write books.

I started writing this book when I became depressed and needed something to do. I throught about writing a book, but I just didn't know how, and it hit me. I need to tell people about my life because there are so many people that go through life not knowing what to do are who to turn to. My story is letting people know God is the answer.