Seducing The Laird


By Lauren Marrero

Publisher : Black Lyon Publishing, LLC

ABOUT Lauren Marrero

Lauren Marrero
Lauren Marrero, a freelance author and poet, has been writing stories since she first learned to spell, though her skills significantly improved while studying English Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. An avid traveler, Lauren loves exploring the world and uses her know More...



Love is the truest of all treasures...

Beautiful and skilled, Verena is the perfect temptress for hire-and the ruthless English Lord Gundy knows it. When she's sent to seduce Cairn McPherson-Gundy's enemy and key to a fabled Scottish treasure-Verena never expects her prey to be such a brave, honorable man. And she never expects to have to choose between her family of spies and the one man who could win her love.

Nearly destitute, Cairn is set on raising his once-thriving clan from the ashes. His final hope is the lost McPherson treasure, rumored to be hidden somewhere in his dead father's castle. Though she has nursed him back to health, can he really trust Verena to stand loyally by his side-or is there a treachery in her heart that could destroy the McPhersons once and for all?
"Thrilling, intelligent, sensuous and filled with emotional swings and plot twists..."
-Kevin Shelby, producer

"'Seducing The Laird' is a fast-paced read with great emotional depth, filled with lots of action and intrigue. The heroine plots herself from one conflict to another, making this a fun read and a sparkling debut by Lauren Marrero!"
-Guido Verweyen, director