Sal and Sally

Children's Books

By Jay Miller

Publisher : Author House

Sal and Sally

ABOUT Jay Miller

Jay Miller
I am a christian children's book author.



Two cute fish learn to blow bubbles. Rhen they begin to teach all the other sea creatures. A long nose Cowboy Shark has different plans. With a little hhelp from the Lord, everyone winds up friends and the sea fills with colorful bubbles for Jesus.

Sal And Sally

Jay Miller

ISBN: 9781935028130

Gather Community Press

Reviewed By Rhonda Carver

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5

Sal and Sally are two small fish just hanging out in the waters of the big

blue sea. They soon grow bored, though, so, to amuse herself, Sally starts to blow

bubbles. Fascinated by the practice, Sal begs Sally to teach him how to do the

same, and the two of them then proceed to have a ball, blowing bubbles and

swimming around in the sea.

Nellie The Octopus soon arrives, and, upon seeing the fun that Sal and

Sally are having, she asks them to teach her how to blow bubbles, too. They

happily oblige, and Nellie then proceeds to blow a gigantic bubble – so big, in

fact, that it accidentally traps Sal and Sally inside. While they’re trying to figure out

how to get out of the bubble, Nasty Nick, the Texas Long Nose Cowboy Shark,

sidles up to the trio. Initially, he masks his malicious intentions, but once Sal and

Sally catch on to the true purpose of his visit, they implore Nellie to join them in

the bubble in order to save herself from getting eaten by him. She quickly does,

and, despite his best efforts, Nasty Nick is unable to burst the bubble and get to

his prey, so he slithers off.

Safe once again, Sal, Sally, and Nellie then figure out a way to get out of

the bubble – but, once they’re free, Nasty Nick makes a quick return to finish what

he started…can the three friends find a way to avoid becoming a tasty snack for a

sneaky, hungry shark?

Readers of all ages are sure to enjoy

Sal And Sally. In it, author Jay Miller

does a commendable job of highlighting the advantages of getting along and

working together, outlining just how beneficial the principles of teamwork,

sharing, and selflessness are when put into real practice. The collective strength

that can be manifested through genuine bonding is a lesson that it’s never too late

to learn.

Miller also places special emphasis on the importance of changing one’s

ways in order to gain the trust of others. The power of redemption is a universal

theme that never gets old, and, as he depicts in the decisions that Nasty Nick

ultimately makes, Miller does an effective job of showing the reader just how

advantageous it can be to seek to make amends for past wrongs.

Kudos to Jay Miller for creating an engaging tale, both enlightening and

entertaining and sure to become a permanent addition to personal libraries everywhere. Highly recommended.