ABOUT Carol Schmidlin

Carol Schmidlin
Who is Carol Schmidlin? Author of “FedSavvy”, the highly anticipated and soon to be released book, Carol is widely recognized as a specialist on retirement planning for federal employees.  She frequently appears on radio, webcast and in public seminars focusing on financial and retire More...



FedSavvy will take you through the complexities of the Federal Retirement System

so that you can make informed decisions about your financial future. Federal Employees

have some great benefits, however, going through the maze to figure out if

you are taking advantage of them can sometimes be complicated. At present, most

federal employees are feeling threatened because the Congressional Budget Office

is dangling a knife over their benefits.

Build a meaningful and profitable retirement profile, by understanding:

• How to calculate your CSRS and FERS pension

• Documents you will need to have

• The best dates to retire

• Credit for unused sick leave and annual leave

• How does Social Security affect the CSRS annuity

• VCP - the best benefit for CSRS and CSRS Offset

• How to not only save but allocate your funds in the Thrift Savings Plan

• Sequential Income Planning with TSP

• Magic Numbers for TSP