It's Not My Mountain Anymore

It's Not My Mountain Anymore

ABOUT Its Not My Mountain Anymore By Barbara Woodall

Its Not My Mountain Anymore by Barbara Woodall
I am a 7th generation Appalachian living in the North Georgia Mountains and a Foxfire Book veteran.   I wrote "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" to share a vanished culture.  It contains no $5.00 words--just plain talk.  Amazon 5 Star



The seed for "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" as planted over 40 years ago when as a young Foxfire student the author encountered life-changing experiences.  Foxfire was a miricle in education touching many young lives with hands on learning.  The Foxfire addiction lead to high school students recording vanishing mountain culture which resulted in  nine-million Foxfire Books are in print.

Barbara Taylor Woodall was among the early Foxfire students at Rabun Gap Nacoochee High School located in the Appalachian Mountains. She tells a gripping-and sometimes humorous story of her life growing up in the heart of the Georgia mountains. She shares firsthand how the green and fertile mountains she and her family once knew changed to highways, shopping centers and traffic.

The book does not end on a sad note. Her passion, hope and faith for Appalachia's future is instilled in the reader.

"Woodall's tone in powerful and hopeful..."  Appalachian Voices Magazine

"It's Not My Mountain Anymore" sold 1000 copies in just 17 days after its release.

A dose of pure Appalachian Reality.

What a VOICE!
Could not put the book down.
This world needs more books like It's Not My Mountain Anymore