The Revenant Fire (The Decay of Man - Book One)

The Revenant Fire (The Decay of Man - Book One)

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Carson Gardner



Vairgoans have been feeding on humans for thousands of years. But now, mankind is feeding on itself.

Within the walls of a hidden city, the Vairgoans have lived for millenia, venturing out only to feed on the blood of humans. Their primary goal is to keep their existence secret, even when a curse is unleashed outside the borders of their city which is causing the dead to rise and consume the flesh of the living. The Vairgoan's food source is dying out, but still, they refuse to involve themselves for fear of exposing their existence. Pyraven, however has no choice. Forced out of his city in the wake of unexplained murders, The Vairgoan prince must join the humans in order to save them from extinction and his own kind from starvation.