Dragon Lord of Kells: Book 1 The Empowered Spirits Series


By Brenda Weaver

Publisher : www.thewildrosepress.com

Dragon Lord of Kells: Book 1 The Empowered Spirits Series

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Brenda Weaver
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.The year is 1092 Ireland . A time when magic and myths should only be legends of the ancestors., yet down in the angry mists of the dark forest of Muir, Rowan of Locks Glen stumbles into a trap. He is the last of his kind. A fierce and mighty Dragon Lord that time has seemed to have forgotten. As Rowan is fighting for his very life, thoughts of his life flash before him, making him even more aware that he should have taken a wife to ensure the lineage of his blood. As a throng of arrows whip through his body, he is unable to forgive himself that error as all goes black.


Kira, a healer from an ancient clan of elves stumbles across Rowan’s prone body. She is shocked to recognize him as the protector of her people. She finds him barely alive, hides him, starts to heal him and takes him to her cottage where, she hoped, he would be safe. While there, Rowan thinks she would make him a good wife and asks her to be his life mate. She at first refuses for she feels unworthy, but, she was born to protect this mighty Dragon Lord. What better way to protect him than to be constantly by his side.


Will this marriage of convenience find a way to bring two lonely hearts together as one? Or will the evil of man and wizard alike, pull them apart forever.


"A magically fast paced read", March 25, 2008


Laurel "The Mystic Castle"(Hamilton, ON) - See all my reviews

Kira is a half-elf, half-human woman, who has the power to heal and/or harm with her hands. She also has prophetic dreams about a mysterious man, that she is very drawn to. After leaving her mother's home behind, she ventures into the human world, and all of the dangers it holds. She soon comes face to face with the man of her dreams.

Rowan is the Dragon Lord Of Kells, and has been floundering slightly in his position. His parents were brutally murdered, and he suspects his half brother was involved. On his way to confront him, Rowan and his men are ambushed and he is fatally wounded and left for dead. Luckily for Rowan, Kira lives near the site of the attack and finds and heals him.

Dragon Lord Of Kells was a very engaging read. It is filled with many fantastical creatures, from orcs to ogres, trolls and of course, dragons. It also contains magic in it's light and dark forms. The villain, was one of the most vile characters I've encountered in a book; whose lust for power was surpassed only by his inherent evil.

The plot was engrossing with many unique characters. Kira and Rowan were very likable protagonists who were extremely brave and strong. They each struggled with their respective abilities, and it was nice to see them come into their own. The secondary characters were well drawn and just as intriguing as Kira and Rowan. I look forward to visiting them again in a future novel(s). This book may be short, but don't be fooled, there is an epic tale within it's pages.

If you are in the mood for a magically fast paced read, with singular characters and an enchanting plot, I would heartily recommend the delightful Dragon Lord Of Kells.

“In the mists before time, when the entire world was created, there lived within the old tomes of mankind, a legend. A legend that tells of humans and dragons and all the rest of life that the Gods and Goddesses dotted on this small grasp of land known as Earth. The Elves, with their magic voices, could be heard singing across the lakes and meadows of this beautiful land. Dwarves and Orcs, hammers ringing deep within the bowels of the mountains. There were countless other races and creatures all living peacefully among themselves until a great evil crossed this land with its icy shadow, clawing and scraping its poisonous venom among the peoples there.”

Thus the beginning of an epic saga, the seeds of a sweeping tale that promises much to the people of Kells, to the creatures of the surrounding forests, fantastical, magical, and hidden from mortals. There are those of legend, those who are the boogey men of the nightmares of children, and those who would bring hope. In the past, however, things have been sliding downhill, and the creatures inhabiting the forest no longer have faith in the mortals who guard their world. They have come to look down on them, all except for one. Kira has never looked upon the humans as others have, but then she was not in the same league with them. She was, in a sense, an outcast, living on the magical fringes of the Forest of Muir, an exile because of her half-breed blood. It was only her fighting and healing skills that brought her this far, and it was those very skills that kept her in danger. She was a beautiful creature, magical in her own right in that she has the blessing and protection of the forest. It doesn’t judge, it will shelter her, welcome her where her mother’s people will not. Only her childhood friend Jarin maintains ties. She is generally shunned unless someone needs a bone set, an injury tended, an illness cure, a charm, or any of the many medicines and tonics she is famous for producing.

Her cottage lies within the borders of the lands of the lord of Glendaugh Castle. Harper, the lord of Castle Glendaugh, and her landlord, is a cruel and greedy man, perverted in his thinking and his ways. He is a man Kira tries to avoid at all costs. The same goes for his man Griffin, his captain of his guard. Both men covet her, not only for her skills, but both wish to own her body, heart, and soul. They do not care how she feels about this, or what she wants or thinks. To them, it is a matter of time until they get what they want, a waiting game. Kira knows there is little time before she is forced to leave her secluded cottage in the vale near the Forest of Muir. The creatures there watch out for her, and Jarin, her friend and her protector is always close. But her world is turned upside down when she rescues Rowan, the Dragon Lord of Kells, and when he asks her to be his bride. The dream foretold her destiny, and she was startled to see the dream made flesh. The man, even though severely injured, has truly come into her life just as she dreamed. She wants to say yes, has to say yes, but now the job is to bring Rowan into his rightful inheritance, bring back the legendary Dragon of Kells, and his Lord.

Sir Rowan of Locks Glen used to have a life of relative leisure. It was a gift from his parents, because they wanted him to travel, get to know the world, and learn what he could before the burden of the title came to him. Rowan was a descendant of the Dragon Lords of Kells, the last of his line, and it was to him and his broad shoulders on which the governance of the province of Kells had landed upon his parent’s murders. Even though Locks Glen and its territories fell beneath the hand of the High King, they were autonomous, ruled themselves, but also held a treasured alliance with the High King himself. It was only a vow to his mother that kept Rowan from hunting his murderous brother down, only his loyalty to the High King, his ally that kept him from taking Castle Glendaugh. He knew it was his half-brother’s doing, felt it in his bones that Harper was responsible for the murder of his parents, and that stuck in Rowan’s craw, bothering him more than he thought it should. It always came down to the same question for Rowan, that of why Harper could not be satisfied with the lands he inherited from his father, and why he had to have Locks Glen too.

It was the ambush in the Muir Forest that brought Rowan into Kira’s sphere, the girl, no, the woman he found in her excited him, entranced him, and brought forth a protective nature he never thought to have within. It was the instant attraction, which made Rowan first remember dreams, snippets of prophecy, and feelings of destiny. She was important to him in more ways than one, the feeling well remembered now. Just as the dreams portended, her manner is demure, but with a force of personality brooking no impertinence. She has gentle hands, but hidden strength beneath that cannot be denied. She is meant for him, he can feel it, and to these ends, Rowan applies himself to woo her favour, to bring her into his home, his life, and his bed. She is all that he desires in a woman and wants in a mate, and she is, unknown to him, the key to his ultimate fate. What he feels for her surpasses all, and even his best friend Angus can sense her abilities, her nature, her meaning for Rowan. This is the one Rowan has been waiting for, her origins don’t matter to him, it is only the attraction, the love, and respect that he feels that is important. It is the sense of destiny that guides him, and his inner dragon…

It is an act of pure hatred, greed beyond measure, and a man, Harper of Castle Glendaugh hopes to soon be master of Kells and all that surrounds it as well. Yes, he wishes to claim that which he wants to be his, the expansive lands and estates of Glendaugh are not enough for Harper. Even though Kells belongs by blood rights to his half-brother, it won’t stop him from trying to procure it for himself. Yes, he murdered his mother and step-father to get it, and he thinks nothing of attempting to destroy his half-brother to get the desired results, especially when he learns Rowan has married the woman he wants for himself. He would never marry Kira, he wouldn’t ever let himself be so smitten, but he enjoys toying with and hurting people, the more vulnerable the better. Rowan knows nothing of his plans, and Harper plans to keep it that way. Of course, Harper has heard the Legends of Kells, and the magnificent dragons that came to the command of the Lords, and he is certain he will have that power when he takes over the lands and the Castle of the Great Dragon Lords of Kells.

Welcome to Kells, and the Legendary Dragon Castle of Locks Glen that guards the enchanted lands and forests of the Dragon Lords. There has been murder and mayhem afoot, the former Dragon Lord murdered in his home, his wife, and many of the people who are faithful to him as well. Rowan has returned home to this catastrophe, and has had to pick up the mantle of power. His father’s death left a vacuum in the land, and the powers of the dragon sleep untouched by Rowan, and truly unknown to him. When Rowan is wounded and found by Kira, she recognizes in him the latent dragon spirit, the unused knowledge and strength that will be his to command if only he can and will recognize and wake his dragon. This time, the unsettled nature of the conflict is increased due to magical forces. Now is the time for Rowan to confront Harper, and it is up to him to bring forth his true inheritance…

Brenda J. Weaver has a wonderful tale for which I’ve only begun the hints, and I know it will have you calling for more. The Dragon Lord of Kells is a rich and lavishly told story available now at

The Wild Rose Press.

I have only scratched the surface, so it is up to you, the reader to secure a copy of this exciting romance and finish the book. Follow the courtship of Rowan and Kira, the hateful and devious plans of Harper and Griffin to keep the lovers apart, and destroy Rowan. There are twists and turns, magic and mayhem within the pages, and believe me when I tell you, this is not a book you will be able to easily put down. Check it out, and remember, the only good book is one that is read. This I have read, and it is GREAT!

Yours in good reading,