Return to Genesis: What Ancient Poetry Reveals About Christ, the Church, and the Kingdom

ABOUT Martin Pierce

Martin Pierce
I am the author of Return to Genesis. In this book, I explore the poetry in the Book of Genesis, explain why Genesis is relevant to our time, and offer suggestions on how Christians can establish God's Kingdom in the world. I founded a small publishing company, Christian Era Publishing, th More...



Return to Genesis, the first book by author, Martin Pierce, gives us a comprehensive overview of the poetry and symbolism in Genesis. This alone makes it a must-read book for any Christian who wants to understand Genesis. Mr. Pierce rejects any strictly literal approach as heresy, and makes a convincing case for studying the Bible as literature. His explanation of the symbolism in the creation week reveals that the creation account has more to do with the spiritual realm than with the material realm. It encompasses time from beginning to end, and therefore gives us insight into the end times.
Mr. Pierce offers an optimistic view of the future. He explains that the Bible teaches us that God's Kingdom will increase and advance over time. However, he warns Christians not to be complacent, especially by accepting false teachings such as the "secret rapture" doctrine.
Mr. Pierce does his part to help bring about a better future for mankind by presenting plans that could significantly change our childrens' future. For example, he advocates a return to what he calls "biblical premodernism," and presents a plan for Christian unity based on a new orthodoxy that rejects biblical literalism, and gives meaningful support to Christian marriages. This last part of the book also contains political advice, which can be summarized as: reject Democrat-Republican dualism, and stand up for biblical values and freedom.
Mr. Pierce is definitely an independent thinker who shows great insight into the Bible. Although Christians won't likely agree with him on every point, individual Christians, and the Church as a whole have much to gain by applying the teachings and principles in this book.
Return to Genesis will be published in March 2011. 

Incredibly, Genesis is filled with poetry in every chapter, excluding the genealogies. There's also prophetic content. Genesis provides such a broad overview of the Bible that the author found it necessary to deal with topics ranging from Bible interpretation to end times theology. The overall message of this book is that the Bible gives believers the hope and motivation we need to transform this world to the glory of God.