A Case of Black Rock and other stories

ABOUT Simon Marshland

Simon Marshland
Rolling stone with most of my life spent on the move, living and working in places diverse as East Africa to South America. More recent activities have been based around the Mediterranean ranging from yacht chartering in Greece to fish farming in France. But wherever I am and whatever I do More...



A Case of Black Rock is a collection of short stories covering many aspects of life. Subjects range from romance to inspirational, crime to family and drama to science fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this short story collection. There is dry wit and suspense, thrills and chills, and best of all twists at the ends that I did not see coming. The writing is very effective in getting such large stories condensed into only a few pages and making them entertaining at the same time. I found myself comparing the writing style to Jeffrey Archer, one who is very well known today for not just his novels but also his short story collections. I hope Simon Marshland continues to publish his short stories as I will for sure become a regular reader of his work! I suggest anyone who enjoys short stories to check out this book. And if you don't normally, try this one for when you just have a few minutes here and there, you might just get hooked!

Posted by Jennifer