The ORACLE Speaks ... just because

ABOUT Denise Cook

Denise Cook
My name is Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE. I am a vessel, an Oracle forever after the order of Melchizedek. A wise woman with sage advice.  My book, The ORACLE Speaks... just because, is a book of positive, motivational, inspirational poetry, prose and song. The words I write are not More...



The ORACLE Speaks...just because is designed to provide guidance through example. Award winning Author Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE, graces us with her unique blend of truth and straight-ahead honesty about things life. Through her cryptic poetry and prose styles The ORACLE paints a picture you can see, hear, feel, smell and touch, all in a word... Symbolism, imagery and design by nature set the tone, balance and reference for perception. The symbolism in The ORACLE Speaks... just because is diverse and varies in genre, culture, spiritual influence and personal experience. The stories, poems and prose were born on the wings of the Phoenix of the author's life. Each word and emotion embedded in the treacherous, powerful wings of change, uncertainty, promise and love.

What People Are Saying….

“Bright fresh and injected with an understanding of life as it is and as it could be, the Oracle’s words on the page leap at the reader with an embrace as an old friend. In performance she is all the more thought provoking, motivating and relevant.  And an experience to be savored and repeated again and again.” Larry Carroll, President, Diversified Entertainment Group and former local/national Television and Radio News Anchor


“…so get yourself ready for whatever ready for you is and listen to the ORACLE as the ORACLE Speaks…just because, just because. Just because it can’t wait,  just because it’s in her and it’s got to come out.”  Jerry Butler, The Iceman


“Genius, I grew up around a lot of those…. Not long ago I met another one, another genius that is. Her name is Denise L. Cook. She’s not only a poet she’s a world class talent at a bunch of different levels.  …I really enjoyed the emotional roller-coaster ride from sexy to tender to humor and beyond.”  Keg Johnson, Record Producer, President Blakk Pyramid Entertainment


 “Her work is akin to another Nikki Giovanni or Nina Simone.” James Bennett, Operations Engineer, Los AngelesRecordingSchool


And others…

“She makes you feel good about yourself.” “When she walks in the room, you know she’s there. It’s as if a bright white light has been turned on.” “The ORACLE made me cry because I saw and felt myself in her words. It was as if I had written them myself. How does she know exactly what to say?” “Ms Cook made us feel like we mattered. Most teachers don’t seem to care what teenagers think. Ms Cook really cared.”