Black Oil, Red Blood

ABOUT Diane Castle

Diane Castle
Diane Castle is the pseudonym of a Texas attorney whose practice experience includes assisting plaintiffs with wrongful death and personal injury cases against Big Oil giants such as ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, BP, and ConocoPhillips. Ms. Castle has published short fiction under a differen More...



The thing about cancer is it’s hard to prove somebody gave it to you on purpose—but Chloe Taylor can prove it. In fact, she proves it for a living. She sues oil refineries that would rather save a buck than comply with safety regulations designed to do important things like, you know, keep people alive.

Chloe had a successful career until circumstances forced her to move to the bass-ackwards town of Kettle, Texas (human population: 4,000; gun population: 34,356). Big Oil industry giant PetroPlex employs half of Kettle’s population, and there’s no question the judge in the town’s got oil stains on his hands. It’s no wonder she’s been on a losing streak lately. She suspects she’s been litigating on an uneven playing field, but when her star expert witness turns up dead less than 48 hours before a make-or break hearing, she knows.

What she doesn’t know is the key piece of information that got her expert killed. It turns out PetroPlex is harboring a shocking secret—one that has the potential to skyrocket gasoline prices, spark an energy market meltdown, and trigger riots, chaos, death, and destruction on a global scale. Chloe must discover the secret and expose the villains before she is permanently silenced, all while juggling a troublesome ex-fiancé and a tantalizing new flame along the way.

If you like legal thrillers, action, and suspense, then this is the book to read! I couldn't put it down. Diane Castle may be the female version of John Grisham.  --David Null

Suspense on Steroids! I LOVE that the author of this book chose to give a voice to the Gulf people! Like it or not, BIG oil is choking the life out of us all. Diane's book is comprised of a unique blend of both fact and fiction. You will be in suspense from start to finish! She gave it enough fiction to keep it interesting and enough facts to make you want to research more of what big oil is doing to us all. Being a refugee from the disaster in the Gulf, I know enough to know a great deal of the facts in this book to be true. I hope you will read this book right away and start to learn more about what you can contribute to making us all less dependent on oil. The future of humanity depends on it! --Donna O'Gwynn Martin