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By Edward Johns

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

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Edward Johns
Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England is the birth place of new writer Edward Johns, currently working as part of the flight crew with an Airline based in Northern Ireland. Having long-held ambitions to become a writer, for many years Mr. Johns was unable to come up with the right type  More...



When Jessica Bryant pesters her wealthy parents to allow her to have a dog as a pet, the answer is a resounding "No"; but they soon come to regret their decision when thier home is broken into one evening whilst they are out and their daughter kidnapped and held for ransom. The kidnappers, in the form of four seedy and incompetent characters wearing Disneyland-type masks, take her hostage and keep her incarcerated in a place from which there appears to be no escape. However, they reckon without the resourcefulness of our heroine, and the courage of a wonderful stray dog who comes to her aid and whom she names 'Murdo'. And so begins an exciting and humurous accounting of the couples' adventures together as they consistently foil and outwit the abductors whilst on the run together.
 This is a lovely story of the friendship between a girl and a dog, bringing out themes of responsibility, camaraderie, redemption, salvation and self-sacrifice. It includes some wonderful dialogue sequences as Jessica teaches her new four-legged friend how to communicate with her, with additional delightful conversations between the animals when a rabbit and a sparrow join forces with them in an effort to outwit the kidnappers and restore Jessica safely back to her parents' home. 

Murdo was written for my 12 year-old daughter who is an avid dog lover. She asked me to write an adventure story where the dog is the hero.

1 October 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
It only took me two days to read this whole book, not because it was short but because I COULD NOT put the thing down! I have never finished reading a book from start to finish in my life as I always found reading books boring for me ...... But I could not for the life of me put this book down. Murdo is the best book I've ever read so far and I look forward to reading more books by Edward Johns!
5 March 2012
Format: Paperback
All Jessica wants is a dog but all she receives is a big fat NO from her father. Then she's at home with her baby sitter, Lucy when four men break into the house and kidnap the eight - year - old girl. They hide Jessica in and old shack off the beaten path, then contact her wealthy father for ransom money. In no time at all, she outwits her dimwitted kidnappers and escapes.

Enter a street - wise stray dog that Jessica names Murdo. Murdo immediately senses that the young girl needs his help. He not only finds her food on their journey to Jessica's house, but he also finds her places to sleep! Murdo and Jessica have a bond so strong that they learn to communicate with each other. However, Jessica and Murdo's delight in being able to communicate is short lived. They eventually forget to look out for the searching kidnappers who want their meal - ticket back. Jessica soon gets re - kidnapped! Can Murdo rescue Jessica and get her home?

I recommend Murdo by Edward Johns for all children and their parents. This is a delightful tale of friendship and loyalty. Mr. Johns has masterfully painted a wonderful story with his words. You can actually see Jessica, the clutzy kidnappers and Murdo himself!

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