Seductive and Sinful Cooking

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Lonnie Lynch
Lonnie Lynch: Celebrity Chef and Author
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Seductive and Sinful Cooking

One of the most thorough books on culinary seduction you could ever hope to read, Seductive and Sinful Cooking shows you what works and helps you create your own style of romantic language through the use of food and presentation.

"This is a fantastic collection of impressive, delicious recipes, consisting of a perfect combination of traditional favorites and lesser-known delights. This book yields romantic advice that is compelling and seducative, without being sleazy or cliché. I definitely learned a lot of great lessons from this book."

The VII Columns of Seduction

What are the VII Columns of Seduction and how do they transmit to seductive and sinful romantic dinner? In this tome, the “Seductive and Sinful Cooking” Cookbook, you will acquire the wisdom of the VII Columns of Seduction as they allow us to observe the manner in which they correlate to us on a day-by-day basis in our interactions.

Column of Seduction I – Seduction Theory

Discover what “masterfully enchanted” really means, become conscious and carry The Crystal Phial with us at all times, Why Raising the Stakes with Abracadabra is influential, Why Stimulating Suspense: Props, Poise, and Secrets is of great significance, You will also investigate the Addiction Theory, Destiny in the Stars, Our Intertwined Quest, Poetic and Powerful Gestures, Becoming a Magnetic Pole, The Sacred Snake of Seduction, The Trilogy of C's, The Magical Door and the Physical Reality, and The Essence of Action. We will be enlightened on the foundation of the seduction theory.

Column of Seduction II – Legendary Wisdom

Knowledge is power, so examine this section and learn some insightful, legendary secrets passed down through history. It's Contagious, Classy Communication, Deliberate Vibrations, Unforgettable Impressions, Ride the Train of Thought, A Magician's Greatest Tool, The Meaning in Life, Light-Casting, Comical Attraction, and The Art of Storytelling. Keep in mind, this section will make you entertaining to be around, as you can charm them in many ways.

Column of Seduction III – Enchanting Traditions

Be trained about some of the captivating traditions of seduction and how they have developed over time. The Touch of Yin & Yang, The Language of Flowers, Transforming the Darkness, The Harmonious Sound of Music, Elements of Connection, Building a History, The Sorcery of Seclusion, Tasteful Lavishings, and The Center of Attention. You will be familiar with every breathtaking moment in life.

Column of Seduction IV – Passion Philosophy

Passion is committed to instilling inspiration, gusto, and fluency as you explore and go forth in freeing both of your fantasies in Savory Sins, Fabled Aphrodisiacs, Free Your Fantasies, Playful Resistance, Playful Sensual Arousal, Edible, Pettable Artwork, and Food Wizardry as your philosophy is to “arouse and explore.”

Column of Seduction V – Epicurean Flamboyance

As you embark on an epicurean journey, there is a number of skills and secrets that you need to grasp. This is where you begin to realize what a Whimsical Touch means, Voila! Exotic Flavors, Visual Appeal and Sense Seduction, Facade of Shapes and Shades, Explosions of Pizzazz, Chore Artistry, Repertoire of Flavors, and Cornucopia of Health straightforward and marvelous epicurean twists that are essential to gaining fundamental know-how.

Column of Seduction VI – Exquisite Potions

Visualize formulate drinks as exquisite magic formulas that are a delicious and the vital principle is to cast off your inhibitions so passions can run wild. Cork-Popping Celebrations, Sips of Stardom, Firewater Fountain Mixology, Nature's Intoxicating Perfume, and Black Magic making potions that keep you occupied.

Column of Seduction VII – Epicurean Recipes

In this section, you will gain knowledge and insight to help you bring about and bestow your romantic dinner. Gain knowledge of the secrets of Sharing Adventure. Undertake the fun of Theatrical and Showtime Flambé experience. Go on your quest and create Symbolic Canapés, Prelude of Hors d'oeuvres, Chilling Salads and Sorbet, Intense Exotic Fringe Dishes, Tasty Morsel Fringe Dishes, Chic Potato Fringe Dishes, Forbidden Rice Fringe Dishes, Gratifying Risotto Fringe Dish, Heirlooms of Pasta and Vegan, Ascertain of Splendid Poultry, Sacrifice of Delicious Meat, Delectable Seafood and Fish, Almighty King and Queen Lobster. At the closing stages, you’re being taught luscious, moist, intermingled, sweet, pleasing treats, so you get a Gallery of Dessert Sauces, Fairy Tale Desserts, and Dessert Magical Artwork that are always a hit.

Your Memorable Romance Novel Remember the fact that people deeply desire seduction. Women often speak of wanting to be “swept off their feet,” or carried away by a proverbial knight in shining armor (or even a desert Bedouin). Many men often fantasize about romantic meetings with passionate aggressive women (such as Catherine from the movie Basic Instinct). In other words, a successful seduction occurs when you splendidly substantiate your “victim’s” fantasies. There’s a delicate line between setting the stage for a romantic dinner, and spending the night with the feeling of being trapped in a poorly written romance novel. Whether it’s for that special evening out, or just a Saturday night at home, a creative, romantic setting will help you set an enchanting, sensual tone for a memorable, wondrous evening! “Using these newfound skills, you suddenly find yourself being able to seduce or have charm in situations you were completely paralyzed over, not that long ago. Once this happens, your romance novel life changes dramatically, for the better. Even the way you see the world starts changing.

Seductive and Sinful Cooking

Book Review 2012

Modern life of an ordinary member of human society is quite organized, predicted and planned in a certain way. Of course there are various unexpected situations and surprises from the future and destiny if you want to call it that way. I would say in the modern world, there is no place for magic and spontaneity, but everyday magic of sensation and simple pleasures of life used to make the world go round and make people happy, healthy and satisfied in the ancient times. Nowadays, our lives are planned from the rise to dawn and from birth to death. Being a good and respected member of society is to follow the common path and dream about variety, sensation, passion and emotional cognition of the world. Although our lives are more organized and secured than in Antiquity, we are not happier than they were. We limit ourselves and our inner spirits to the conditionality and boundaries of the world we had created. This entire long introduction was meant to show the contrast of the common perception of life and view of the Lonnie Lynch, who is not just a brilliant cook and culinary artist, but also an incredibly intelligent and sensual personality. In this review, the central theory of his book “Seductive and Sinful Cooking” is analyzed. This opinion can be stated in one sentence:

  • “Living life in the most fully human manner is possible through a mutual attraction
    between two individuals who are certain of who they are and what they want, what
    they have to offer and the values and talents that they desire”.

The book is not only about how to seduce the desired person through cooking or good looks, and it definitely is not a guide for pickups. This book is a distillation of millennia of human knowledge about life, sensuality, seduction, passion and desire. One could have expected that the narration would be quite trivial, starting from the idea of how a man should impress a women on the first date, and how to keep the fire afterwards. Instead, this book attracts attention through the fairy tale mixed with the all possible mythological creatures and stories of the human past. On the pages of the book, we meet with immortal seducers Armando, “The Greatest Culinary Seducer”, and Miguel Simone, “The Greatest Maitre d’” who had known the best seducer of all times like Cleopatra, Casanova and many others. Unraveling their experiences and secrets, in his book, the author, as participant of the Aphrodite’s sacrament, reveals the hidden knowledge of full life and its sensual enjoyment.

The essence of life, in this case, is in its sacred and magical context. Lynch does not only tell us how to feel the life at its fullness, he brings magic into it. Magic is in the book itself; it is also in the explanation of ancient human believes in passion and seduction, interpretation of myths and legends. For instance, the unity of two individuals is seen through their compatibility in their astrology, type of aura, character and all-sufficient attitude to life. Being seductive and alive is not the matter of one good public appearance, but it is about inner self-perception. According to Lynch, sexuality is coming from inside, it is human energy of life. What is even more fascinating about the book is that it combines both magic of mythology and human believes with the magic essence of human body and scientific conclusions on the topic. For instance, he emphasis the meaning of the chemistry between people, both in indirect meaning of attraction and quite exact interaction of hormones in human body. He explains why touching person is so exciting especially for women, meaning the influence of hormone oxytocin, which is in higher quantities in female body. In other words, Lynch explains the origins of seduction from various possible perspectives. He explains how to seduce, why to seduce and how to be seduced properly and in the right time. The main point of seduction is in enjoyment of the process and foretaste of the desired pleasure.

Irrespective of the captivating effect of the read, somewhere in the middle of the book, you start thinking whether it is a book on cooking. In fact, it is, but like seduction itself it takes time, the author prepares the audience for the main course of the Epicurean quest – preparation of the seductive dinner for the desired person. In this context, Lynch makes emphasis on your own perception of the cooking process, your intentions, inner desire and enjoyment from the process. Every element of the preparation is conducted with a thought of the desired person, every elaborated carving of the fruit, table appointments and wine choice. In this context, Lynch puts an emphasis on details, which matter a lot, since one wants to make the event perfect, but in that perfection spontaneity should be felt inside-out. Yes, Lynch explains how to make risotto, canard duck breast with grand Marnier orange souse and which wine would suit it the best, but he makes poetry of it and actual art of sensation and elaboration. The distinction between cooking according to this book and cooking in general can be compared with making love and having sex, which from the technical perspective is the same, but sensation is entirely different.

As a conclusion I would say that this book is a must for everyone irrespective of age, since it tells the story of humanity and fullness of life. I enjoyed this book also due to its joyful and playful manner of narration, richness of thoughts and words, and explicit sensuality in each possible aspect. This book shows how colorful and rich life may be if one combines all three elements of c.m.e. theory – to be confident, mysterious and entertaining. If one wants to find a “soul mate” or at least a person of one’s dreams, he or she should work hard in order to correspond to the target image. Although it may seem, quite a challenge and impossible quest, this book explains that there is nothing impossible for anyone of us, we have everything in ourselves, we are the rulers of our bodies and our lives, and if we cannot success than who will do it for us?. I would like to end this review with the words of Harry Emerson Fosdick cited in the book: “I would rather live in the world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it”. The thrill of discovery and seduction is in the quest itself.