Together For Ever

ABOUT Victor & May Victor

Victor & May Victor
Victor & May Victor have been happily married for over 25 years and we both have a great passion for marriages...that they thrive and become what God intended at the very beginning. To this end, we run a marriage ministry by the grace of God. Our website explains all about us. Visit us More...



     God’s idea of marriage is to build a formidable tag team of a husband, a wife and their children to be the best they can be in the pursuit of their assignment in life.

       This book presents the marriage institution as the cornerstone of God’s master plan for His people and His creation. As the first institution established, God clearly spelled out the purpose of marriage, the process of marriage and the permanence of marriage. It is designed to provide the needs of man and woman for companionship, sexual satisfaction, partnership and procreation. The institution of marriage gives us the best chance to succeed in life.

      For those seeking the best for their marriage, Together for Ever: God’s Master Plan For Marriage, is your road map to a better marital relationship with your spouse. From finding your spouse to preparing for marriage, this book gives the best information to start and succeed in your marriage. If you are already married but desire a better marriage in areas of money management, communication or just seeking to reignite the passion that propelled your marriage, you will find this book a great read.
        Marriage works only if you work it. This book Together For Ever offers tremendous wealth of information for you to work your marriage and for your marriage to work for you.