The Crash of Nimrod XV230: A Victim's Perspective

ABOUT Trish Knight

Trish Knight
Trish Knight lives in Somerset with her husband Graham. She has three sons and four grandchildren. Her youngest son Ben was killed in 2006 when the RAF aircraft he was onboard exploded in mid-air over Afghanistan. She and her family fought tirelessly to expose the truth behind the crash an More...



Trish Knight’s son Ben was killed in 2006 when RAF Nimrod XV230 exploded in mid-air over the barren war-torn landscape of Southern Afghanistan. All 14 Servicemen onboard were killed – the largest loss of life in a single incident in the UK military since the Falklands War. The Knight family suddenly found themselves in the media spotlight and fighting bureaucracy to uncover the truth surrounding the tragic loss of a son and brother. 

Since Ben's death Trish has kept a journal detailing her journey, which forms the basis of this book. From the moment she hears about the crash on TV making her fear the worst, to her visit from the RAF officers who give her the news that no parent should ever receive, and the endless struggle to reveal the preventable nature of the crash, this is the true story that many will find hard to believe. After years of inquiries, reviews, and investigations, Trish and her husband Graham now know that the Nimrod crash was the result of failures within the MOD and RAF, but that doesn’t bring back their son. However, their pursuit of justice for Ben’s death has perhaps helped to save the lives of future servicemen and women. The Knights persistently pushed through the barriers established to hide the truth, revealing the un-airworthiness of Nimrod aircrafts and forcing the MOD to ground them indefinitely. Learn how this private, quiet family from Somerset had their lives turned upside down as they refused to give up. This book is a tragic and at times frustrating must-read that will make you question your beliefs about the people we’re meant to trust most.

Some of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières who believe that all people have the right to medical care regardless of race, religion, creed or political affiliation.

Trish wrote this book because, in her words, "This was such a horrendous experience it should not be forgotten" and because she wanted to record as much as possible about Ben and the struggle for the truth. She and her husband feel strongly that the details should be passed on to their grandchildren… all of whom were born after Ben's death and will never feel his love or giggle at his jokes.