The Path Book I: Spirit and Mind

ABOUT Eric Smith

Eric Smith
Eric A. Smith was a science reporter and photographer for The Beacon in Research Triangle Park, before moving to Canada and opening his first company.

A UNC Chancellor's Scholar and multiple Dean's List honoree in journalism, he also holds A+, Network+ and Microsoft PC engi More...



You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing exploratory journeys you’ll ever know – learning from the cutting edge of science just who and what you are. Right now, you're looking at what may well be one of the most powerful books ever written.

In these pages, you’ll begin a journey of deep self-discovery and life-enriching transformation the likes of which has never before existed. The very latest science has cracked open the secrets of life, and you’re about to learn them. This book could rightly have been called The Science of Self-Help, because it teaches you how human beings “work”, inside and out, and, more importantly, exactly how to use all of this to your advantage.

Want to excel at sports? Ace your exam? Woo your heart’s desire? Win over an enemy? Raise your IQ? Develop a super-memory? Drop your body fat and stay slim and healthy for life? Live to see 100? I’m going to teach you how – and much, much more. You have never seen anything like The Path.

You, my friend, have found the real thing – the true secrets to life, to optimal health, success, self-mastery and fulfillment. Within the last three years, scientists have also begun to unravel some of the mind’s deepest, most mysterious inner workings, with tremendous implications for your own personal development, achievement and life satisfaction. And nutritional science has been zeroing in on the secrets to lifelong vitality, youth and power at an unprecedented depth and rate. It’s my mission to share these findings with you, and, through this awareness, to help you improve your lot in life –physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, sexually and romantically.

I believe this book is the first of its kind; self-help guides have existed in one form or another since the beginning of written language, but this time, due to the most electrifying advances in science,
I’m going to try to show you the “whys” behind every principle you’ll be learning.

This isn’t another pop psychology, “new agey” attempt at convincing you to try the latest form of magical thinking or the newest fad diet. People talk about the “secrets of life”.  This book really contains them. It has the power to radically, dramatically improve your life in every way, unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. You’re going to be delving into brain neurochemistry, nutrition, genetics, paleontology, evolutionary biology, behavioral psychology, cosmology, communications theory, anthropology, exercise physiology and even quantum physics. But don’t worry, you’re neither going to be bored nor confused. This is one read that is going to change you fundamentally from the inside out, and make you stronger, smarter, leaner, faster, fitter, more attractive and a better, saner, more powerful and effective human being. And that’s a promise.

Prepare to have some self-limitations shattered, my friend. If you’ve got the courage, we’re going to dig deep. So, whenever you’re ready...