Heat Sync

Mystery & Thrillers

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

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Recruited from SEALS to join Jaspers, a covert military force, Henry Thompson believes he’s training to assassinate foreign threats to this country. Only after he graduates and gets his orders does he realize that his true mission is to kill the President of the United States by using the White House access his girlfriend provides, and that he’s already too boxed in by his handlers to refuse. Heat Sync is an exciting but non-traditional thriller that deeply probes the emotions and psychology of a patriotic killer.


Heat Sync takes you through the U.S. Assassination School exposed by NEWSWEEK Magazine just prior to this novel's publication. Learn the pain and process of sanctioned murder from LT. Henry Thompson, who was recruited for JASPERS from the U.S. Navy SEALS

Heat Sync is about a secret group of well trained soldiers based in Fort Belvoir, Maryland. They're so off the grid that the name of their group is changed regularly (I called them JASPERS, for Joint Services Personal Warfare School). The group is real, or at least it was (I have no idea if it still exists), but editors found the concept of a secret army a little far-fetched and passed on it. At least until a major national magazine exposed the group as "The President's Private Army." After that, Heat Sync, the story of one assassin who finds no honor in killing a vaguely-defined enemy, was immediately released in print, and is now available as an e-book.

“Wes DeMott not only writes well, he writes with passion and conviction.”  ―Nelson DeMille, Author of Up Country


“A writer to be watched!”  --Atlanta Journal-Constitution 



This was a great read. Fast? Oh yeah, it's fast. Action? Oh yeah,
there's action.

HT Thompson is training to be a Navy Seal. Unfortunately Thompson has some problems with some of the water aspects of the training and he might not finish.  Enter the head of an elite covert group who feels that Thompson is just the guy he's looking for. HT signs up and he's off to a secret training facility. As he discovers, not every one is cut out to be a member of the Jaspers.  But he is excelling in the program. Once he graduates he discovers the true nature of the unit and he starts having second thoughts. But this isn't a unit you just walk away from.

DeMott writes a taut thriller that grabs you around the throat and won't let go till you are seeing stars. The training portions of the book ring with accuracy and that has got to be DeMott's background with the FBI and SWAT coming through. DeMott is brilliant with plotting and pacing. This is a dynamite book. It's like slamming down four or five espressos, it will leave you that jazzed when you finish. Crimespree Magazine - Jon Jordan
I loved the character development and fast-paced plots of all Wes's books. In fact, I enjoyed reading "Heat Sync" so much that I was afraid the ending would be disappointing but it was equal to the twisting plot. Having read Gresham's "The Appeal" just prior to "Vapors" I liked DeMott's books more. Looking forward to the next. When will we see movies? -  Channing Pfeiffer


Suspenseful, Well Written, 19 Dec 2005

By A Reader - Published on Amazon U.S. This review is from: Heat Sync (Mass Market Paperback) This is my first Wes DeMott book and it's an excellent, suspenseful, quick read. If you like Vince Flynn or James W Huston you will enjoy this book. It is a story of a US military Special Forces assassin who wrestles with his CO's orders to act as judge, jury and executioner. Check it out - Amazon UK


5.0 out of 5 stars Good Military Book!, 1 Mar 2006

By Melvin Hunt - Published on Amazon U.S.

This review is from: Heat Sync (Mass Market Paperback) .

.... All of this makes for an exciting conclusion. This is a very good book.