Loving Zelda, a Story of Change, Reluctantly Told

General Fiction

By Wes Demott

Publisher : Admiral House Publishing

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This beautifully written novel explores the emotional pain and damage inflicted on a writer and his relationship with the woman he loves as she struggles with manic-depression. Through almost ten years of hardship he loves and cares for her with unwavering devotion, but when she marries another man he becomes a recluse on his sailboat, waiting for a chance to be together again in this or any world.


Short Version: Challenge your emotions with this beautiful story that proves we all have a chance to be loved.  Loving Zelda gives an unusual glimpse of the soft-as-cotton side of Wes DeMott.




It's been said that a good writer burns up the pain and passion of his life, the hurt and love and fear and courage setting fire to his pen until it's all gone and there's nothing left but ashes. I tend to believe that, although in a compartmentalized way where we can burn the pain of a past hurt but still to be sensitive to a new one, a lost love while we savor a far better one, or a night terror that, having been exposed on paper, can harm us no more. I put a line in Loving Zelda that pain is like a telephone number you recite over and over so that you won't forget it. Once you write it down, you no longer need to remember.

Wanting to be loved like Zelda.
RCV (Roanoke, VA) 1/10/2012 3:19 PM
"Reading this story is like taking a million threads and creating a tapestry" - Wanting to be loved like Zelda...in Roanoke, VA
Great for Book Clubs
KNB (Virginia Beach, VA) 1/9/2012 11:27 AM
Loving Zelda takes the reader through a tortured relationship of love and passion. This is story about maintaining your own sanity as you love someone with bi-polar disorder. The lovers both reach heights of love and depths of dispair until you wonder if there's any chance they can survive the intensity of their relationship. Lots of topics for interesting discussion. I asked a friend to read it just so I'd have someone with whom to discuss it. Totally unlike the other books by DeMott. Only his smooth writing and surprise endings let you know it's the same author of the political thrillers.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Made me cry AND gave me hope., February 17, 2012
D.S. (Fl, USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Loving Zelda, A Story of Change, Reluctantly Told (Kindle Edition)
This story made me cry several times, and I bet that every reader will say the same thing. But I doubt we'll all cry at the same spots because Loving Zelda deals head-on with the pain of so many universal truths that there's something for everyone. I bought this book because another reviewer said she wanted to be loved like Zelda, and all I can say is: Me too.