Lucas and His Long Loopy Laces

Children's Books

By Krystal Russell

Publisher : Tall Tails Publishing House

ABOUT Krystal Russell

Krystal Russell
Krystal has always enjoyed a good story. She wrote and illustrated her first book at age 6, and the first run of one copy sold out in minutes. That's when the writing bug bit. She studied Professional Writing at the University of Oklahoma, and after learning a great deal about how to make More...


Lucas doesn't tie his shoes. That's why his laces are full of loops! Join Lucas on a long, loopy adventure that shows the power of your imagination. You'll meet his unexpected companions who can't help but get tangled up in his laces as he travels from under the sea to outer space and back home again! For ages 3 and up. 44 pages, rhyming. 8.5" x 8.5".