Fading (Fallen Idols #2 - Paranormal Chick Lit Romance Novellas)

Fading (Fallen Idols #2 - Paranormal Chick Lit Romance Novellas)

ABOUT Cecilia Gray

Cecilia Gray
Cecilia Gray lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she reads, writes, and breaks for food. 



Ever had an itch you just can’t scratch?

Mhaya hasn’t. As a goddess, she doesn’t itch, or hunger, or thirst. In fact, she’s pretty much above petty human annoyances, from humiliation to heartbreak.

Until now.

Because ever since her better-known twin brother Eros gave her the boot from Mount Olympus, Mhaya has been fading from human memory. The only way to prevent her godly demise is to temporarily trade her immortality for the drudgery of pitiful, pointless humanity. Which is not exactly Mhaya’s style.

Her only ally in her quest to stay alive is the stunningly sexy, utterly unobtainable Marcus, a man who has his own reasons to see Mhaya fail. And yet, he’s somehow unable to turn his back on her… and the more she struggles to survive her brush with mortality, the more interested he becomes in showing her the very best part of being human: passionate, pulse-racing love.

* * *

The Fallen Idols Series are chick lit romances with a paranormal twist of approximately 25,000 words (100-120 printed mass paperback pages).