Croissants and Jam

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By Lynda Renham-Cook

Publisher : Raucous publishing

Croissants and Jam

ABOUT Lynda Renham-Cook

Lynda Renham-Cook
At the present time Lynda is an associate editor and contributor for ‘The Scavenger Online Magazine’ where she is known for her strong political features on the Middle East. The Scavenger has a readership of 20,000. Lynda also has a following on Facebook and maintains a humorous blog.  More...



Annabel Lewis (Bels) has two days to get to her wedding in Rome but her journey is beset with one disaster after another as fate takes its turn. Will the stranger she meets on the way get her to her wedding on time or will he change her life forever? Come with Bels on her humorous romantic journey to see if she marries Mr Right or if destiny takes her in different direction.
From the first page i was laughing my head off. The hilarious story of Bels and her trip to Rome just so remind me of life....that's my life. If it can go wrong it will and to boot most people do end up laughing at me. The real jem of Lynda's book is they remind you of lifes disasters and the way they pop up in life, but Lynda puts them in a way that no matter how bad the situation, there is so much humour there you will find yourself laughing out loud...A lot!!

I was also privileged to read Croissants & Jam before it hit the shops. I have to say it was a gorgeously funny read!!! I had many a late night as I simply couldn't put it down. The characters are brilliant!!! Can't wait for the next of Lynda's books!!!