General Fiction

By Jody Gerbig

Publisher : I Publish Press


ABOUT Jody Gerbig

Jody Gerbig
Jody Gerbig was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Until recently, Jody taught high school English in Fairfax, Virginia. Now she’s back in her hometown working as a copywriter and enjoys attending Ohio State football games with friends and family in her spare time. She was inspired to wr More...


Unmasked is the story of Culler, a young woman who has shielded herself from grief since the death of her twin brother Frankie. When she discovers that the relationships in which she has immersed herself are not as solid and protective as she supposed, her life is shaken up, forcing her to struggle with the ghosts of her past and the troubles of her present. From Epiphany to Carnival, Gerbig takes us into the heart of New Orleans with an unforgettable cast of characters: Chase, the king of the Rex Krewe and Culler's boyfriend; Nola, a man named for the city, embodying in himself many of its traits; Sarah, a childhood friend of both Culler and Frankie, harboring a secret grief of her own; Rosemary, another friend of Culler's, trying to squeeze herself into her fiancé's country club world; and Bunk, a young asthmatic boy who dreams of taking his rightful place among the Mardi Gras Indians. As the annual ritual of Mardi Gras works its transforming magic, Culler and the people around her are changed as well.
Having lived in New Orleans for 5 years and visited many of the hot spots Jody describes in this setting, I loved every single minute of this book. Couldn’t put it down. Especially the Mardi Gras scene where Culler hangs out in a hotel room with a Bourbon Street balcony - been there! And the way Jody described some of the scenes really took me back to my days there. The characters really came to life for me. - Kimberly Stuckenbrock “NOLA book lover”