Love...Like Snow in Florida on a Hot Summer Day

Romance, General Fiction

By Tracy L. Darity

Publisher : Teganjaz Books Presents...

ABOUT Tracy L. Darity

Tracy L. Darity
Tracy Darity is the author of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! and Love…Like Snow In Florida on a Hot Summer Day.  She resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is the proud mother of three daughters.  Darity is an independent author who publishes under the imprint, Teganjaz Books Presents More...



What a wicked web we weave when love’s obsessions leads us to deceive. 


LaDamien Bryson is what most women consider the perfect catch.  He’s tall, dark, handsome, and a go-getter. 


When he proposes to Kim Friar she accepts without hesitation.       LaDamien is the perfect rebound coming out of a bad situation.     Despite the protest of her mother and friends, Kim dives into her marriage head first.


In comes Mya Blake, unbeknownst to her, LaDamien has craved a   relationship with her for years.  Mya is smitten when this sexy man offers her a proposition she chooses not to refuse despite knowing he is already taken.


Snow in Florida is possible but rarely lasts long enough to be

enjoyed. So goes a forbidden love, marred by spiritual beliefs, and heated up by outside forces.


Love...Like Snow In Florida on a Hot Summer Day is the perfect mix of love, betrayal, and obsession, served with a scandalous twist.  Does love conquer all?  Find out in this sizzling hot novel.