Monday Morning Motivation

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Monica Marie Jones

Publisher : The Literary Loft

ABOUT Monica Marie Jones

Monica Marie Jones
Monica Marie Jones is an author whose published works include The Ups and Downs of Being Round (Fiction/Self-Help), Taste My Soul (Poetry) FLOSS (Fiction), Swag (Urban Fiction) and Sweet Soliloquy (Poetry). She is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul, New Directions  More...



Monday morning is a new beginning...a fresh start! It's a time to start over and get it right this time. Sadly, for many it is a time of dread and despair at the mere thought of having to embark upon another week in a situation where they don't want to be. Monday mornings are an amazing opportunity to re-energize, refresh and refocus so it's time to change the way that we think about them. Just like a good cup of coffee or a warm ray of sunshine, the motivational messages in this book give you that boost that you need to start your week off right. Each chapter will leave you encouraged, inspired and excited about the new week that lies ahead.

I started out my sending out inspirational messages every Monday morning to the readers who subscribed to my email list. When I realized how much they loved and needed it, I began posting them on Twitter and Facebook. After getting an AMAZING response I decided to compile them all into a book. Monday mornings are often a hard time for people, so I wanted to provide something to give people a little boost of encouragement to help them make it through the week. :)

As the end of the year approaches you are no doubt likely to hear people excitedly speak about their New Year's resolutions-vows to eat better, work harder and do things in a different way than they did in the passing in year. For many the start of the calendar year as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean of past mistakes and regrets, however in Monica Marie Jones' sixth book, Monday Morning Motivation, she challenges readers to view every Monday as a new year, "Everyday is a new day and an opportunity to start over again, but I feel that Mondays are the most powerful because they are the beginning."

The book, which started as a weekly email blast to Jones' close friends and supporters, is a compilation of 52 weekly inspirational messages written to help the reader use Mondays as a chance to re-commit to a lifestyle change, do something differently than done in the previous week and start a journey of letting go of something that negatively impacts your life. True to her previous written works, Monica delivers insights by drawing on personal experiences and revelations starting with Week 1 appropriately titled Out With the Old, In With the New. In this chapter she compares ridding her space of unnecessary, poor quality clothing and household items to people with the same attributes who are just taking up room that could be utilized by things and people that add value. She likens this relationship of holding on to superfluous things and people to comforters- their purpose is to keep us warm and many use them as a security blanket to make us feel good. She states that often times in life we keep people who serve that same purpose, but like comforters one or two is usually enough, anymore and you run the risk of being surrounded by people who simply coddle you and don't force you to grow.

At the end of the chapter Jones challenges the reader to evaluate the things and people they may need to let go of in order to make room for what you want to attract in your life. For each of the remaining 51 weeks, a new subject is presented using real life analogies and practical exercises that not only change your way of thinking, but also allow to you walk confidently in your purpose. So as you make your New Year's Resolutions or when you revisit them months down the line, add reading Monday Morning Motivation to your list to keep you on track for staying positive throughout the year.

By Cindy Elaine Folson