Ungolden Silence

Ungolden Silence

ABOUT Lydia E. Brew

Lydia E. Brew
Lydia E. Brew was born with cerebral palsy but has not allowed her physical limitations to stand in her way. Her writing also provides insights into the world of the physically challenged. She graduated from Texas Southern University where she received The Society of Professional Journal More...



Rape is a crime where, more often than not, criminals escape unscathed because rape victims are reluctant to come forward and report what happened to them. Could the reason be that the rapist is the victim’s boss, teacher, colleague, boyfriend, a family member, a casual acquaintance, or maybe a stranger? Author Lydia E. Brew’s Ungolden Silence is an exploration of how rape is treated in the United States and reveals significant insights on this crime.


When crimes happen, we hear the name of every crime victim except the names of people that are sexually assaulted. The reason that is given it is to protect their privacy – yet they have done nothing wrong except being the unfortunate victims of rape. It brings us back to the main question of why does a man or a woman rape another person. Through the characters that seems to be ordinary everyday people, this enthralling narrative turns a traumatic experience into a thought provoking one which opens eyes and asks questions never asked before. Not only are questions asked, but some possible answers are given which shed a different and unexpected light on the only crime where the name of the victim is private.  After reading Ungolden Silence, a suspenseful story where everyday people become extraordinary archaeologists for answers that are hidden under myths, half-truths, and mountains of ignorance, the reader will start digging and searching for his own response to the question, “Why is the name of every crime victim given except the name of people that are sexually assaulted?”