Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore: But It Will Be Back Sunday!

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Ayani_Meli *

Ayani is an accomplished poet and playwright, as well as a digital storyteller; however, focused she was, these were just hobbies.  Now, she has found a way to use them to show case her love of and convey the awesomeness our Magnificent Heavenly Father. 
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Is your house a house of love?  Don’t wake up one morning and discover that you have missed the mark.  In our journey through life, it is important that we face all the challenges storming our way.  But in doing so, we must closely examine and re-examine all the areas of our lives to complete this journey to self-discovery.  This is what the characters of Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore will discover in author Ayani Meli’s compelling and inspiring piece of Christian fiction. 

Accompany the main character Journey, as she examines and reluctantly begins to rectify her relationship with her sister; an attempt to continue walking in love.  Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore dashes the reader headlong into a story of obedience, hope, and unconditional love, set in the Deep South. Journey believes that she has been living in accordance with the Word of God, only to find out that she has gradually slipped below the radar.  Letting go of old hurts and grudges is the only way to avoid slipping totally out of His Will.  Before she logs another mile in the wrong direction, she must examine herself and all areas of her life, in order to bridge the relationship with her sister and to mend her love walk. 

For those who are struggling as “ordinary and simple” Christians, for those who have no desire to go to a “traditional” Church, and for those who are looking for hope, this book will help you embrace the basic principle of the Bible, which is love.  A wonderful story that’s definitely worth reading, Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore is a must-read by all.