Breaking Through Infinity

Breaking Through Infinity

ABOUT Dr. Judi Cinéas, LCSW

Dr. Judi Cinéas, LCSW
Dr. Judi Cinéas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy in Palm Beach, FL. She is the founder of Living The Dream, Inc., a Florida-based counseling and consulting firm. Her coaching services include individual and family counseling to help clients overcome obstacles a More...



Breaking Through Infinity helps you to understand your behaviors and how YOU can change them. Remember that one resolution you’ve made for the past 10 years? Let’s make this the last time. 


In Breaking Through Infinity:

Readers learn how to assess you strengths as well as where you need a bigger push.

Readers understand the power of stacking small changes to make a BIG difference


Whether you want to eliminate a bad habit or form a positive one change always begins with you.


Breaking Through Infinity is more than a book. It is a tool that guides you through the changes that you want to make with fun lessons and exercises.