ABOUT Deborah Jaqson

Deborah Jaqson
I am an erotica/romance writer and I enjoy writing about sex and relationships. I have been writing for the past 5 years and have one novel published as an ebook.  The title of my first novel 'Two-Play' was published in March 2007.


From Inside The Flap

Tyrone Jones, a twenty-eight-year-old black man who lives in West London, is good-looking, ambitious and very independent. He holds a managerial position in a publishing company, but Tyrone has dreams of his own. He longs to set up and run one of the UK’s biggest fashion magazines aimed at the ethnic community. In Tyrone’s view, life is great. All he now desires is the perfect woman by his side. 

Like any man his age, Tyrone beds as many women as possible, even indulging, at one point in his life, in a threesome. His libido comes into conflict with his heart and head when he meets Saffron, a sexy, light-skinned woman, who works in the same building. Idle chatting and a little flirtation follow. They agree to meet for a drink, and Tyrone finds himself nervously counting the minutes. For the first time in his life, he is sweating and paranoid over a woman. 

After work, Tyrone is invited to a birthday celebration. His heart leaps and bounds when he spies Saffron sitting in the corner. They flirt and play footsies under the table, and they end up his apartment. Tyrone’s one goal is to get Saffron into bed, but she does not give in. Tyrone learns that Saffron has a husband, and despite her marriage being a shambles, he decides that he should leave her alone. 

Shortly, however, a love affair between Tyrone and Saffron commences: an affair that proves both extraordinarily passionate and deeply tender. Two-Play portrays Tyrone’s evolution from “playa” to responsible family man. 

Tyrone develops family problems after his brother suffers a head injury in an accident, and Tyrone plays a role in his recovery. Involved emotionally, spiritually and mentally, he must cope with trauma even as Saffron be comes pregnant, and she and Tyrone fall even more deeply in love.