ABOUT K.D. Richardson - Author

K.D. Richardson - Author
K.D. Richardson is a graduate of Miami University (OH) and has been writing since 1996. A Different Drummer is his fourth book. Other works by Mr. Richardson include Reflections of Pearl Harbor, The Second Season, and Journey Across Time. He is a sports photographer and columnist for the V More...



To wipe the slate clean; what would one give for that? One man gave his life for a second chance. Louis Sherman was a New York accountant who had led a very sheltered life. Now thirty years old, obese, and lacking any real social skills, he was determined to take one last shot at having a ‘real life.’

Blue-collar Travis Lane, on the other hand, grew up in a dysfunctional Georgia home and became a wife-abusing alcoholic. He had no future. Following an accident involving these two men, Travis wakes up in the hospital with very few memories.  He does, however, believe that his name is actually Louis.