The Emperor's Opal

ABOUT Christopher Morgan

Christopher Morgan
I was born in Montreal in the Summer of 1966. To the sheer frustration of many teachers throughout my life, my grades tended to directly reflect my interest in a given subject. Literature was the worst, with marks varying between A+ and D-, depending on the book being covered at the t More...



Vampires are dying

So who cares? Had it been six months earlier, Preston Black certainly wouldn't have. He wouldn't have believed they were alive to start with. Had he not met Tamantha McKinley in a bar in The Village and had his life turned upside down, he would have continued believing that vampires, along with ghouls, fairies, pixies and trolls, were just creatures of fantasy.

Instead, he became the proprietor of the only store serving the needs of New York's magical community and ended up on a dangerous trek seeking an artifact that just might save the lives of members of the Spanish Vampire Court.

Preston would be forced to rethink all he believed in, while dodging sorcerers, demons and nasty booby traps. Added to this, his faith in Tammy, his newly minted wizard partner and the love of his life, would be tested as they neared the end of the journey. Could Tammy resist the lure of the artifact once she found it? Could Preston get though to her if she didn't?