Voyage of the Legacy

ABOUT Linda Scott

Linda Scott
I am a complicated person, an artist, a singer, caregiver and now a storyteller. Most of my life I have quietly sat back listening and watching people. I have listened to many stories and I have seen many things, some not so nice. I am a very spiritual person and turn to God in all things  More...



United Federation of Earth had plans to send colony ships to the stars, many were under construction. One such ship was the Legacy. It was built at one-quarter scale however it was still a huge ship. It mirrored the larger ships in every way; its purpose was to test out a new Warp Core. It was capable of traveling eight times the speed of light. The Legacy would test the Warp Core, Bio-garden and Medical Units to full capacity and beyond. They would test the Cryogenic Sleep Chamber, and the special healing Medic Units, which were designed for major injuries and illnesses. These healing units could heal the body through a cryogenic type sleep. Instead of freezing the patient they were put in suspended animation.

The Legacy would be self sufficient by mid journey, complete with raising its own crops and animals for food; in addition the ship had two large tanks for fish both salt water and fresh, for the crew to eat.

The crew was not all military but some were pioneers young and strong, couples some with children. It was the greatest hope that others not married would marry and produce children. This would be studied by the medical team as well.  If they should come upon a habitable planet, they could deploy the ten townships and start a colony. Sending the Legacy back to Earth with a skeleton crew to give reports and bring back more colony members.