Piety (Dragon Poems)

ABOUT Jess C Scott

Jess C Scott
I write edgy/contemporary novels, and am an author + artist + general non-conformist ;)

My first two books (EyeLeash: A Blog Novel, and 4:Play) are multiple-genre-crossing. I enjoy including psychological and emotional elements in my work, as I believe this adds a level of depth More...




A 1000-word dragon-themed mini poetry collection by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott. "Piety" is the prototype for Jess's London Underground Trilogy (forthcoming dragon-themed urban fantasy series; 2012).

GENRE: Poetry | 1,000 words

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I own the website, www.dragonsinn.net -- these poems are in tribute to The Dragon (a symbol of excellence, and so much more).

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"Ever since I came across Jess C Scott's teenage blog novel, EyeLeash, I've known that some very talented writers will emerge from the epublishing revolution."
-- Joseph Grinton / October 2011