FreeFormed Hybrids

ABOUT Joe Vizanko

Joe Vizanko
Joe Vizanko (1966 to ?) Born in Dodgeville Wisconsin but grew up on the West Coast, An Engineer in California's Silicon Valley, A veteran of the armed services and now an aspiring writer.



~~At the center is the human homeworlds, a three planetary system where humans were born. All throughout the galaxy are colonies of humans, only a handful knows they are not alone. Earth, will have first contact with other humans and slowly learn of it role in the community. The homeworlds are in decline, completely dependent on machines and overrun by excesses of sex and drugs. Their society has become stagnant, slowly dying. The people of Earth are “FreeFormed”, they are allowed to freely develop and no other colony is like them because emotions are feared, but Earth is the key to humanity’s survival. A mortal enemy is confronted and our entire universe hangs in the balance.